Słowa kluczowe: dyrektywa azotanowa, dyrektywa ściekowa, eutrofizacja wód, Ramowa Dyrektywa Wodna S t r e s z c z e n i e Celem artykułu jest analiza. Introduction. 2. Brief description of the geography and regional organizations in Poland. 3. Soils in Poland. 4. Rainfall and temperature regimes in. aplikacyjne” areał – area, acreage azot – nitrogen. Azotanowa, Dyrektywa zob. Dyrektywa Azotanowa azotany – nitrates badanie gleby – soil analysis, soil tests.

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According to the experts, granting of the funds required detailed analysis of individual situations thus the TGE representatives were advised to contact respective competent authorities. The following findings and conclusions were made during the discussion:. Identification of areas which potentially generate diffuse pollution.

The following topics were raised:. Presentations were the next item of the Agenda: Participants were welcomed by Piotr Kagankiewicz, Starost of Tomaszowski District, who thanked for choosing the District Office as the Conference venue. This presentation included the subject of assumptions and course of the works to identify pressure and anthropogenic dyrektyw on the condition of surface water in the Pilica catchment; The following municipal waste management risks to the municipalities were presented: He also mentioned that such provisions enabled to receive regional co-financing for the measures aligned with the strategy.

River conservation and management. Water cycle and biogeochemical barriers in agricultural landscape].

Agroturystyka – Karkonosze i Kotlina Jeleniogórska

National Fund for Environmental Protection and Regional Fund for Environmental Protection provide co-financing for connections with drainage network. What contributes to such varying levels of efficiency of activities focused on reducing diffuse pollution in the individual municipalities?

Regional Board of Melioration and Water Equipment: The following topics were raised: That is why improvement of the ground and surface water quality should include the actions aiming to: In order to raise awareness in the field of agricultural pollution of the public administration, the following was proposed:. The following issues were raised: The Host updated them on the issues formulated by the previous groups and encouraged to further discussions.

Onsite wastewater treatment systems as a solution for areas with scattered housing. The following issues were raised during this presentation: John Wiley and Sons, Ltd.

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Thus education to raise awareness of farmers is necessary. Participants of the dyrekfywa proposed that developing posters to be placed on information boards dyrekfywa the municipalities as well as publishing relevant information on the municipality office websites, would be the best method to raise community awareness. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server.

Movement of nitrogen through and agricultural riparian zone.


azotaowa Why is agricultural pollution ranked so low in the awareness of public azotanosa Discussion Panel was focused on the following two topics, and represented the next item of the agenda after the break:. This presentation informed the participants of the need to translate systemic ecohydrology know-how into systemic solutions: It is very important to use a proper methods of agriculture with proper methods of fertilization in the whole area of river ryrektywa flowing to the lakes.

Next speakers included Ms. Participants were divided into 3 groups composed of several members. Some analysis were conducted to estimate the sources of nitrogen entering waters of the lake. The next item of the Agenda followed after a break, and it included presentations: They presented their experience in the field of the programmes to reduce diffuse pollution in the following order: The objective of this meeting included: Professor Zalewski suggested that an organisational system should be developed for municipalities adjacent to the Reservoir to support them jointly in obtaining preferential financing.

Regional Inspections for Environmental Protection are competent authorities in the field of monitoring of surface and groundwater quality, while the Chemical and Agricultural Research Laboratories monitor soil and water in terms of phosphorus and nitrogen contents in terms of controlling sewage disposal: Having regard to its implementation, it is planned to perform a legal and economic analysis to identify methods of obtaining funds and relevant legislation.

Iwona Wagner emphasised the fact that during the discussion panel, three key issues had been identified:. European Commission Environmental cooperation in the Mediterranean. Stakeholders that participated in the previous meetings of the Platform, authorities of the municipality government that participated in a survey to identify the key problems of water management in the upper section of the Pilica catchment, as well as other representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions interested in the topic of this meeting.


By noelani-battle Follow User. A presentation of the preliminary version of the Action Programme to reduce diffuse pollution from agricultural and municipal sources in the Pilica catchment, which is the main objective of the Project, was the leading theme of the conference. It is also possible to consider a change in the protection zone identified based on relevant application. Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture is able to control municipal waste and disposal of cesspit contents in terms of financing activities to regulate water and sewage management: Agricultural Consultation Centres deliver training for farmers, an option of cooperation with municipalities in the field of training promotion and organisation.

Short dyreitywa and educational videos published on websites were considered as one of the key methods.

EKOROB – Multi-Stakeholders’ Platform

Inside these belts, it is forbidden to use fertilize for agricultural purposes. Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture is able to control municipal waste and disposal of cesspit contents. Email Presentation to Friend.

Zalewski Presentation by W. Key assumptions of the ecohydrology theory; Impact of river regulation on the size of ecotonic buffer zone reducing szotanowa pollution; Significance of the ecotonic vegetation structure and river corridors to maintain high biomass and diversity of ichthyofauna; Optimisation of biological structure of the Azoganowa river floodplain to improve the self-treatment process; Implementation of ecohydrological biotechnology as a tool for reducing pollution in the agricultural landscape and in urban areas.

Jan Andrzejczyk Vice Mayor of Sulejow emphasised that small entities, such as municipality governments, implemented the tasks aimed to improve quality of the catchment water and its conservation, while there was no consistent programme of the Pilica basin conservation that would provide financial support to the activities implemented by the municipalities.

Participants highlighted the lack of clear regulations, clear division of competence and the lack of enforcement of the existing regulations. Download Presentation Connecting to Server. Professor Maciej Zalewski observed that inability to cooperate was the weakest point of development-related mechanism in Poland. Azitanowa her presentation Ms S.