International Security Solutions is a technology security solutions company offering the latest technology in DSX Access Control Systems in Australia and New. DSX Quick Reference Card. DSX Access Systems, Inc. Rockwall Road, Dallas, Texas Voice Voice. General Information. The DSX is an independent processing, two door intelligent controller designed to be a cost effective building block of the DSX.

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Each DSX checks its database to make decisions about access control, alarm monitoring, and time zone changes.

Dsx Two Door Controller Board | eBay

Battery Test and Load Shed are also new features incorporated into the panel to protect the panel and its backup battery. Two Pre-Warn Outputs of the DSX are used to indicate the controlled doors are being held open and about to go into alarm. Panel to Panel Communications is a true point to point, regenerative, RS, 4-wire, communications method. Two Outputs output 2s are also Form-C, fused at 1 Amp, relay outputs that are programmed and used in the same ways as all other outputs.

Two Outputs output 1s are the Form-C, fused at 1 Amp, relay outputs to control the locks for the reader controlled doors. Any combination of reader technologies may be used in the same system. The end result is real time communications similar to that of a direct serial port connection. Up to 2 doors can be controlled from 1 enclosure allowing it to be strategi-cally deployed where a few number of readers are required such as parking garages, gates and other remote situations.


These open collector outputs reset automatically when the door is closed. As long as the communications signal arrives at the Master as RS and RS at the PC in an asynchro-nous, full duplex mode, operating at baud, the method of commu-nication in between can be just about any mode of transport such as Direct 102, T1, Lease Line, or Ds Optics.

ABN 57 DSX Access Systems has earned a reputation for leading-edge design and rock-solid performance in access panel controllers. General Information The DSX is an independent processing, two door intelligent controller designed to be a cost effective building block of the DSXhardware platform that allows expansion in a scalable manner. The Controller will auto-dial to the PC all Alarm and supervisory conditions.

Dsx1022 Two Door Controller Board

Panel to Panel communications can be configured in a series loop, star configuration, or both. Dzx DSX operates as a fully distributed processing control panel that retains all data necessary for system operation in its own RAM.

The RS communications from the MCI to the Master utilizes two twisted pair cable dzx the data and one pair for power. If your looking for dependability, quality and reliability in an access control system, you’ve found it. The first Controller of each location is designated as the Master. All Relay Outputs have 1A fuses in series with the Common terminal.


Each access level represents a set of Where Card Reader and When Timezone criteria that determine the access priveleges for the card. Two Inputs input 8s are designated as the Exit Request Inputs for the reader controlled doors.

DSX Controller DSX – GPM Surplus

The controller communicates with the PC at a default baud rate of This newly designed controller has several new features dax as fuses in line with the common terminals on all four relay outputs.

Star configurations require aDSX Quadraplexor. This allows the panel to panel network communications to be regenerated at each controller provid-ing up to feet of distance between controllers over two twisted pair cable. WinDSX also provides for Temporary access levels that have start and stop dates associated with each card. The RAM memory allocation is dynamic between database and event storage and set for optimum use by the Host PC according to data entered for that location.

Two Inputs input 7s are designated as the Door Position Inputs for the reader controlled doors. WinDSX allows the user to define an unlimited number of access levels and to assign dss many access dxs as required to each card.

The remaining four Inputs are then left for point monitoring of any contact closure output device.