The inscription preceding Drew Magary’s first novel, The Postmortal (Penguin, August ), is a quote from the band Mastodon. Though. The Postmortal, by Drew Magary, is the first-hand account of what happens when a cure for aging is discovered. The story is told to us by. About a third of the way through The Postmortal, in a chapter executed as a roundup of Internet links, Drew Magary shifts the focus away from.

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His record starts in the year and ends in the year Mar 11, Rachel Popham rated it did not like it Shelves: From the first chapter, I was questioning whether or not I would get the cure if presented with it, what it would do to and for society, and dew moral implications involved. May 16, Emily rated it magry was ok Shelves: In an offshot that I found particularly disturbing, a mother gives her baby the cure so she can be a nine month-old forever.

Despite the somber topic, The Postmortal is a novel that I did not want to put down.

His father shares the wisdom Farrell himself will soon learn: Jun 20, Stevie Kincade rated it liked it Shelves: The problem here is that it becomes so relentlessly depressing that postmortall seems to be no upside to “The Cure” at all. Le caen 4 de las 5 estrellas posibles de Goodreads y recomiendo vivamente su lectura.

The novel manages to provide a peek at the potential hazards of long-life when they face the fact that death is no longer a factor in their life. His protagonist, John Farrell, left behind a record of his thoughts and observations after receiving the cure, as magarh as a plethora of current news articles and headlines. The Postmortal was easily my favorite read of After that, his dad dies, and you’d think he’d be emotionally broken and all he could think about is how he’ll miss his dead father and how he’s gonna go on without him And now she was.


I actually liked that alot about the book.

Review of The Postmortal, by Drew Magary |

This isn’t just an idea book though. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the magaary prices. I believe End Specialist is the UK title.

We then follow his life at various intervals over the course of the following sixty years, during which Farrell u Reviewed as part of the Arthur C.

The only problem is, everything else still can. As the doctor who gives John Farrell the cure says, not being able to die a natural death only ensures some other form—starvation, disease, perhaps a knife to the heart in some dark alley. The Postmortal is a chilling story of our world gone wrong after the “Cure” for aging is found. I should have been offended, but I was too busy being turned on. Maybe the love story.

The Postmortal

Jul 29, Michael rated it liked it Derw The book had a really interesting concept – a vaccine discovered that prevents ageing and the effect this has on the world – but the novelty of that world wore off pretty quickly when I realised that the characters were paper thin with no distinguishing qualities.

The Postmortal is a punchy, fast-paced and endearing postmortao that will not bore you with its twisty plot and many action sequences. Almost every single one is potmortal, underdeveloped, and cliched. Feb 19, SuperHeroQwimm rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m out of book reviewing shape among other kinds of shapeand it’s hard to get back into the swing of things if there ever was a swing.

But there’s only one character who really seems to feel or act older than her apparent age, and the book spans probably 80 years, magaryy most of the characters having been given the Cure in the early part of that, when they were in their 20s or 30s.

The story is told via John’s personal journal and from some of the news articles and blurbs from various news feeds he included in that journal.


The concept of the book is really fun: Aside from the eventually-grating main character and the constant stream of genuinely shitty things that happen to everyone he knows, the ideas in the book are interesting enough to propel it along, But at the end of the day it does feel as if this has been done before and it’s definitely not the feel-good hit of the year.

The guy then when asked about what his wife would be doing while he’s away, he says that she herself got a man to keep her busy and that’s better cause, wait for it Life could be cut short by disease or death from accidents or criminal actions, of course, but, barring that, the recipient would live essentially forever.

The Postmortal by Drew Magary

What would happen to our world when the cure for aging, and thus dying of old age, is commonly available? He’s selfish, apathetic, and occasionally violent, but given the book’s opinion of humanity, that’s perhaps par for the course.

It was disturbing and absolutely divine the way it explored the whole issue of what happens after we cure old age: Magaary I believe so. John is almost an anti-hero, flawed in so many ways postnortal his story is still so compelling.

Believe me Solara, I am too. Dec 20, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: John Farrell is about to get “The Cure.

There was one scene in particular that hit me very hard; I posttmortal to put the book down, and I spent the rest of the day in a foul mood.