This model has an 80GB hard drive, analog tuners, circa Files attached. User manual for the device RCA DRCN. Online user manual database. Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for RCA DRCN.

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I’m down to just 7 hours available when there is nothing showing in the library. I checked it later that day and it seemed to be still recording even though the free space was zero.

Installation Interactive setup The first time you turned on the the DVD recorder, you had to complete an interactive setup so your DVD recorder could have the information it needs to function properly.

To start playing a disc from the beginning, press OK. I did switched off, then held start and open close together for 5 seconds. I declined as I needed hard drive recorder. Thanks for the message and I hope this helps. Content of box Setup These regional codes must match in order for a pre-recorded DVD to play.

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This can be a weak link. Stop Recording Recording 7. Setup Disc options Disc Autoplay Select autoplay on, if you want the disc to be played automatically once the DVD recorder tray is closed. I have let the drive run out of space but it seems it just makes the problem worse. I even “split” the commecials out of one on the RCA hard drive itself and tried and still get the same error.

Drc8030 watch TV function is already selected. Installation Installation Interactive setup The first time you turned on the the DVD recorder, you had to complete an interactive setup so your Drc803n0 recorder could have the information it needs to function properly. If your DVD recorder is locked small padlock displayeda message appears asking you to enter your password. Anyway I went ahead and did manua, remaining title and deleted it.


It loses time, and has started recording the wrong channels at the wrong time, even though the timers are correctly set.

Also, after time, the laser lens may become dirty or foggy so a uselful preventive maintenance chore would be to open the sucker up and swab the lens with iso alcohol every year or so. Do I need to reformat and try again?? Thanks for the help.

How to reformat a RCA DRCN 80GB Recorder – VideoHelp Forum

So I decided to let it record and fill the available space. To go through this procedure again to change settings, highlight this option and press OK.

EN EN Press while a title in the disc library is highlighted and then press. Page 14 of my manual shows a list of DVDs xrc8030n and the speeds at which they will be burned.


William- I kind of a newcomer with this machine myself, so I’m not sure this will help much. This depends on the sockets and EN EN other appliances you have. I could not find a manual to download, but did find others users that say the manual sucks. Always use a soft cloth to Installation Recommendations and information clean discs if necessary, wipe from the centre to concerning discs 12 cm Interactive setup the border.

It is always great to hear that this info has helped someone one way or the other. It did burn ok however the dvd would not play in my computer but would play in another dvd player. This morning, I noticed that I’ve lost even more space. Since getting the missing space back I purchased a GB hard drive and installed it.


This seems to be the common cause for boot problems. Es importante leer este manual antes de usar por vez primera su euipo. Let’s hope it works!! Now it works perfectly except when recording a program from the hard drive to a disc that’s too big to fit.

Prior to that, it would stop in the middle of recording and restart a few minutes later. To program a transfer: Well, this machine is driving me crazy. How you get service: I tried to reformat as described in a previous post, but could not because the time will not show up. Summary of the content on the page No.

Don’t show me this message again. Comments mannual this Manuals Your Name. To access the disc menu: Press Summary of the content on the page No. If I could find a new unit anywhere, I’d buy it and not go through this hassle. I remember on the older ReplayTV units, there was a combination of keys to enter on the remote to access special options.

The AC power plug is Product: Xrc8030n you have a similar issue? Then almost when the warrenty was ending they returned the unit.

Depending on the duration of the recordings, the library can save around title names. Another set of input jacks are on the front of the DVD recorder for temporarily connecting components such as Antenna cable a camcorder or a video game unit.