Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming. Author: Thomas VanDrunen Thomas VanDrunen, Functional programming as a discrete mathematics. Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming is a textbook on discrete mathematics and functional programming in ML by Thomas VanDrunen. Of course discrete math is not exactly a very deep branch, but still it gives you a /Discrete-Mathematics-Functional-Programming-VanDrunen/dp/

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All homework assignments consisting of more than one page must be stapled.

Although I encourage doing this in all of your math and computer science courses, Discrete Mathematics is a subject where this approach is especially helpful and often leads to key insights. Companion resources are available at diiscrete books’ website. Very few homework problems can be solved by looking up a similar problem from class and making small adjustments.

Homework assignments will be due every other class period. How to Prove It by Daniel Velleman. Examine and learn from how the solutions differ from msthematics in ideas, language, and organization.

Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming

Both centered on cardinality, disjointness, and partitions. Many of the concepts discussed in earlier chapters is review of Gersting with additional introduction of ML. Most students should anticipate spending about programmimg hours a week devoted to the course. One of the most difficult parts of your mathematical education is learning how to transition from having no idea, to obtaining vague hunches, to seizing on key ideas, to writing correct proofs. Chapter 1 sections 8 and 9 were precursors to chapter 7 sections 9 and 10 and therefore were reviewed together.


During this review, class members were encouraged to read dixcrete the sections and find any particular questions they had then bring those to class discussion.

Retrieved from ” http: Section 2 MWF This is review, so if you don’t understand it, it’s okay. Students need to provide documentation to the Coordinator for Disability Resources, Autumn Wilke, located on the 3rd floor of the Rosenfield Center x Please come to my office hours discretw you want assistance!

I also recommend and will sometimes refer to Discrete Mathematics: Chapter 3 sections 11, 12, and 14 focus on quantification, a foundational concept that is pertinent to the majority of the proofs in later sections. We have detailed our findings so that future classes may focus on the most relevant sections and spend less time on fruitless endeavors.

Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming | Peggy++ Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Chapter 1 did not encounter many problems and was covered relatively quickly. Section 1 MWF The most difficult aspect of chapter 2 was the lab, language processor, and additional information can be found on the Lab Page.

Just get what you can out of it.

If you do collaborative work or receive help form somebody in the course, you must acknowledge this on the corresponding problem s. Learn new ways to justify the correctness of a program, as well as conceptual techniques to help understand the run time of a program.

Grinnell College makes reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Do not be alarmed if your homework has many comments about how to improve nobody starts out as an expert. We agreed that several sections had been worked through too quickly.


Unless you have a serious emergency that you bring to my attention before a homework assignment is due, late homework will not be accepted after the class in which it is due.

I really enjoy interacting with students.

To use our time together most effectively, it helps if you have grappled with the ideas and you bring some of your scratch work and attempts. Learn how to abstract away essential ideas and to represent data using sequences, relations, graphs, and other combinatorial models. An example assignment for an entire week follows:. Failing to acknowledge such collaboration or assistance is a violation of academic honesty.

You may look at other sources, but you must cite other books or online sources if they provide you with an idea that helps you solve a problem. Thursday, May 18 at 2: Writing and Proof by Ted Sundstrom. We will also spend a great deal of time learning to write mathematical proofs. However, you may not specifically look for solutions to homework problems, and you may not solicit help for homework problems from online forums.

Understand the relationship between programs and proofs. If you work with others, your homework must be written up independently in your own words. Overall difficulties and suggestions are discussed for all chapters we worked through. Homework is due at the beginning of class msthematics.