Officially titled The Sacred Harp, edition (with the word “edition” on the outer The most common nationwide nickname for this book is “Denson book.”. Misc. Notes, This edition of the Sacred Harp was the fore-runner of the Denson edition (the direct ancestor of the current edition). It is famous for its . Explore the Sacred Harp / Shape Note Recordings list by mauso-palooza on Discogs. Create Credited to Denson’s Sacred Harp Singers Of Arley, Alabama.

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The Denson Sacred Harp has more than pages of text plus indexes. The heading for each sacerd is the title of its tune, not the first line of the lyrics. This article about a United States songwriter is a stub. Hugh McGraw, then executive secretary of the company, was authorized to chair a committee to select, arrange, and revise songs for the new edition.

This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat Both died before its publication and Paine Denson, Thomas J.

The Sacred Harp (Various)

Views Read Edit View history. The story of the United Convention—told here through recordings, photos, and more—offers a fascinating perspective on the history of Sacred Harp singing in the twentieth century and beyond. Hrap the edition, the Music Committee deleted 46 rarely sung older songs while honoring any request that a particular hymn be retained and added 62 songs, for a total of The Newsletter features reports from Sacred Harp singings around the world, biographies of Sacred Harp singers, news, and other items.

Caglehimself later to become an important figure in the Sacred Harp hrp, studied music under Seaborn Denson. The “sacred harp” is the human voice, and shape-note singing is an unaccompanied a capella style of performance. Please help improve this article by ascred citations to reliable sources.


Denson was erected on the courthouse square in Double Springs, Alabama. Audiobook features 6 CDs with a digital download and a booklet with preface, author notes, and photos. Instead of using the traditional do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do system, some singing teachers taught only four syllables fa-so-la-fa-so-la-mi-fa with four shapes: Publishers of The Sacred Harp, Edition.

Seaborn McDaniel Denson – Wikipedia

Each heading tune title is followed by a pertinent Bible verse. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. The committee designed the new edition for singing convenience. The Denson Book is also in use nationally and internationally.

In they purchased the rights to James’ Sacred Harp and began a revision. This decision builds on discussions with members of the singing community and among the board over the last several years.

Dates denwon names of lyricists and composers under the heading of each musical score, however, were retained. We anticipate that the revision process will take hsrp years. By Warren Steel with Richard Hulan. Proudly powered by WordPress. Sorry, denaon blog cannot share posts by email. Seaborn McDaniel Denson — April 18, was a notable Alabama musician and singing school teacher within the Sacred Harp tradition.

The book is prefaced by a short essay, “Music,” by Ruth Denson Edwards, and “Rudiments of Music,” revised and updated by John Garst folk researcher and retired University of Georgia chemist. The Sacred Harp Publishing Company. Centennial Edition edited by Jesse P. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Since its first session in Atlanta inthe United Sacred Harp Musical Associationcommonly known as the United Convention, has affected the form of The Sacred Harp and public consciousness of our traditions.

James Original Sacred Harp. This would become the system used in The Sacred Harp.

– Sacred Harp and Shape Note singing

As America expanded, the tradition moved south and west with the frontier. This was done inthe centennial year of the Sacred Harp. The long-awaited companion to The Sacred Harptracing the sources of every tune and text in our songbook, from the work of B.


Analysis of the Music Curriculum of Sacred Harp. Published first by the Sacred Harp Publishing Company, founded by Alabamian Tom Ssacred inthe Denson Edition continues to have strong Alabama ties in its later revisions, with Alabamians making key contributions to the edition. The annual National Sacred Harp Singing Convention is held the third week in June at a host church in Birmingham, and singers from all over United States and from several locations in Canada and the United Kingdom come to sing from the Denson Book for three days.

The new edition was to be clear, uncluttered, and easy for singers to use. University of Illinois Press. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

White moved to Georgia, where in he produced the first edition of The Sacred Harpin collaboration with E. He was a son of The Rev. The Denson Edition of The Sacred Harp —the “Denson Book” as it is generally called—is the most widely used of the hardback “old song” books used at shape-note congregational singings in churches throughout Alabama.

All the musical scores were newly typeset for clearer reading, and explanatory and historical notes from previous editions were omitted. Retrieved from ” https: David Ivey has agreed to serve as the chair of the Music Committee. The Makers of the Sacred Harp.