In Sump Version – Deltec SC – This stands for Single Chamber, body diameter Deltec Skimmer Cleaning System CS for SCC(M) , SC , TC. Deltec SC Internal Protein Skimmer. In Sump Version – Deltec SC – This stands for Single Chamber, body diameter mm and total height m. Deltec SC Internal Skimmer – for aquaria up to litres. As the first manufacturer to use the patented needle wheel, DELTEC has set the standard in .

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Jimbo83Jun 16, Chris BraidJun 16, I have to say the build quality is excellent and it’s by far the easiest skimmer to set up I have ever experienced.

Selling and trading on ReefCentral. Opinions on the Deltec SC skimmer. Please fill in your E-Mail address. One of the things I like about the SC is that you don’t need a seperate feed pump which is a big plus over the APF which I am currently running.

Deltec SC internal skimmer. Anyone using one? | Ultimate Reef

Hi i have just recieved mine toocan i see how your attaching the ozone tubing? LPS Stonecorals – Others. The smaller tank have been eeltec for nearly 1 year and sps growing very well. Actually I have two sps tank 60 gal and galboth running SC They are ready to use, a separate water supply is not required. Find More Posts by ilangocanada. Negatives although these won’t put be off deeltec another – It’s quiet but not the quietest skimmer I’ve heard – I had a problem with the pump overheating and turning itself off.


At the moment it’s going straight in through the air inlet from delteec ozonizer but to be honest it is restricting the air flow too much and reducing the amount of skimmate the skimmer is producing.

I am sure it is getting quieter or I am getting used to it. Please let me know.

(5) Deltec SC 2060 O-Ring Skimmer cup (80500110)

We notify you when on stock. Mushrooms – Discosoma, Rhodactis. Shopping Cart 0 Product. This process proved itself to be so superior, that it has been copied by almost all other manufacturers. I fear for people with externals! It is pump noise that is the problem.

The skimmer deptec is a decent size so it can be left a few days. I have also had it go nuts a few times I skim pretty wet so it doesn’t take much to tip it over the edge! Your name or email address: Discussion in ‘ Filtration ‘ started by piscesMay 18, Will just have sx see how to finance it! Currently using Deltec SC and thumbs up for the performance. Shipping and handling fees, unless otherwise stated. Deltec SC Internal skimmer anyone using it?


So we can improve the service to you. Jimbo83May 28, LPS – Euphyllia, Catalaphyllia.

Deltec SC 2060 Internal Skimmer

I want to invest in skimmer and forget about having more nitrate control. Always looking to upgrade wherever possible. It will defo fit in my sump anyway. Find More Posts by Aerohigh. I don’t want to spend time in setting up refugim.

Deltec SC internal skimmer.

If you’re seeing this message, you haven’t met them yet. Also suits my gravity feed so saving electricity too!

Vertex Alpha Skimmer, up to l tank. Just a quick one as i set the ozone up sf mine the other day, i got a t-piece that was 8mm but reduced one exit to 6mm which is perfect for the ozonizer, its working really well. MetalheadMay 22, I would also like to know what the footprint of this skimmer is as it’s not shown on the D-D website. Vertex Alpha or Deltec SC Water parameters are good and I always believe in getting xc skimmer.