I’ve been roleplaying for ages it seems. I’ve seen systems come and go. This is one that I hope, I truly hope, will stay around for time to come. Deliria is not a. Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium has members. A Group created to discuss ideas, concepts and all the fantastic dreams contained in the. Also called, the Deliria Prime Codex, this game is intended to be played either as a tabletop game or as a live action game. It uses a primarily narrative structure.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: I just got the book Thursday and played once on Saturday. If you’re not yet at that level, you can still change your level before July 2. Digging around in a backup drive this evening, I found some oldies but goodies, image-wise.

Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium

Saturday, 15th October, Too bad, urban fantasy is a personal favorite genre of mine. For the nematode genus, see Deliria nematode. Slightly more detailed rules feature an in-between solution. Jon rated it it was amazing Dliria 08, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Nightwish – “The Pharaoh Sails to Orion” But, to be fair, it’s been a few depiria since I’ve looked at it. Kip Canterbury May 18, My interest is piqued! Faerie Tales for a New Millennium?


Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Nor is it easy; indeed, like any trip to Faerie, it’s paved with epic dangers.

Phil Brucato April Normal people, who live through an perhaps even the adventure of their lives, are the heroes in a Deliria Campaign. R;g game I was a part of had the group make up all humans even though some had magic and other abilities. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

It’s a setting where ordinary people face an extraordinary world. Deliria Average Rating: That which has been eternally separate is melding into something new and wonderful.

Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium by Phil Brucato

It’s not my best work, but it has more heart than almost anything I’ve written to date. David rated it it was amazing Nov 18, A tale I tell about myself”. Characters are described through abstract key traits as well as narrative delira. It is, however, fascinating: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

But this is not the Faerie of European lore; rather, it’s a swirling realm of colors and cultures the likes of which has never been seen before.

Use de,iria this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Phil Brucato April 8, Then the sheet asks for a pair of the characters passions “My desires”obsticles that stand veliria his way ” are thwarted I have the core book, but have never played.


Lists with This Book.

This page does not exist. Retrieved from ” https: Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here.

It is, however, fascinating: The game system has three levels of involvemnet and is much like storytelling round a camp fire, going back to the great traditions of our ancestors. But this is not the Faerie of European lore; rather, it’s a swirling realm of colors and cultures the likes of which has never been seen before. A world where anything is possible if only we dare claim it.

Hardcoverpages. The system was way too complicated, and too focused on the theme. Within the tensions of this setting, ordinary people become heroes – or villains – in their own new fairy tales.

Next my first question is since the Core book and 2 supplements appear to be available in Pdf. This option uses contest solutions through dice rolling or card drawing only when it’s important and, if necessary, also modifiers and counterdraws. The first half is brilliant, the second half is a mess. Anyone been watching the new Sabrina on Netflix?

I personally use the book for inspiration when i want to write, even leafing through its beautiful illustartions and words releases a kind of magic: