Texas County, and VISA codes to use in completing the following items . Degree Code – Filename: tmcxref Distribution Date: 02/15/ Contact us at Degree Audit/ Advising Alumni/Career Placement Admissions Registrar/ Student codes for common values, such as name and address values, or degree codes. Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Virgin Islands.

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You cannot update information from the Selected Record when coming from the Input command. ARC report test output. You have a hold that prevents release of a student billing statement. Used for reference only. Billing Includes for defining the values and functionality of the Student Billing application. F Includes for defining the values and functionality of the program. BL for blind Description A description of the handicap code.

The following figure shows admiissions include directory structure that is made up of the nine subdirectories. How to Access The screen file for the State table is located in the following admiasions path: Report Example The following Building Table report may vary from your report format and content due to your institution’s particular specifications.

Remove Common Programs System Reference Globally deletes match records that have degreecodee confidence value less than some specified value. How to Access The screen file for the Alternate Address table is located in the following directory path: Jenzabar recommends that Idaudit not be run during the day since database activity in the ID record and in other database files during the run could produce inaccurate reports.

C programs read and understand include files. The following data appears automatically when you use the Query ID command, and must be entered when you use the Input command: Since the fields on a screen for a table can be customized by your institution, the definitions for the screen fields are presented in alphabetical sequence for ease of reference.


This is a CX table maintained by the dbmake program. This example uses CShell. Voucher Includes for defining the values and functionality of the Voucher application. Improved and maintained consistency Macros provide a means for ensuring consistency of implementation among multiple files. The institution cannot customize the macros in the utility macro files.

Specify -d before -p. Valid types include the following: Screen Example The following Title Table screen may vary from your table format and content due to your institution’s particular specifications.

Includes System Reference Include Files That an Institution Can Customize Each institution can customize the custom include files located in the following directory path: The process will complete when a fetch error occurs, but the data may be incomplete. The searching process compares the two records with a series of test functions.

These are the Common tables contained in the CX base deggee. The indicated database record corresponds directly with any detail window that accesses that database record.

It identifies the communication to be sent or received. The contents of this table are very important to many processes of the Registrar module, especially grade reports, student data sheets, and transcripts. You should use the state that has the greatest number of inhabitants at the institution.

CX System Reference Technical Manual |

The data is sorted by name when it is loaded. Common Programs System Reference Tests The tests value indicates how much information was available to registar the confidence.

Urh alter table command changes the table ID tabid of the table being processed. Faneed Includes for defining the values and functionality of the Financial Aid Need Analysis application. CX includes tools for enabling and disabling products and product features, which are as follows: The make processor does not modify local customizations.


Some institutions track their athletes through this table and the associated accomplishment record because they can specify periods of involvement. Leave no blank spaces between the m4 command e. If a combination of the review, background and update options are specified, review mode takes precedence over background mode, which takes precedence over update mode. You can quickly access development information because a multiple line description of the procedure is stored with the stored procedure.

Each product contains specific records pertaining to the area, such as Financial Aid records for the Financial Aid product. Possible matches are listed on the screen sorted by confidence value. Once the Primary ID and the Secondary ID are placed in this table, they will not appear on the screen as possible duplicates of one another again.

CX System Reference Technical Manual

In a relational SQL database, a table is an organized set of any kind of rgistrar, regardless of its purpose for validation or information maintenance. The installed include file is included by the C compiler at compile time so that the result of the compilation is influenced by the m4 macro. Use Y to deny permission or N to grant permission.

Maximum Occupants The maximum occupancy of the facility.