Sheikh Ahmed Deedat held a firm belief in open and sincere In , he debated Jimmy Swaggart and even challenged the late Pope John. Free Islamic debate mp3 by sheikh ahmed deedat. Ahmad Deedat محاضرات ومناظرات الشيخ احمد ديدات رحمة الله عليه مترجم. This App brings you audio debate.

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He used point on women in Islam to discredit the Quran. This was widely sold at subsidised cost to the general public, and is often mentioned in Deedat’s speeches. That further proves that Shorrosh was the loser and Sheikh Deedat won the debate.

However, this booklet was withdrawn after Dr. August 8 marks 10 years since Deedat’s death of kidney failure at the age of In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, the name brought notoriety to the organisation.

His mother died only a few months after his departure. Furthermore, Deedat replied to some of his points in his 15 minutes rebuttal and reminded of him to show what is copied from the Bible in the Quran.

The vast ornamental Jumma Mosque was a landmark site in the tourist-friendly city of Durban. This was his dumb logic.

Ahmed Deedat – Wikipedia

Following their debate, Deedat made swagyart personal remarks against Gilchrist that, after refusing to publicly apologise for, led to court action and him having to pay damages of R2 including court costs to Gilchrist.

Often the same theme has several video lectures to its credit, having been delivered at different times and different places. Ghana gas station blasts kill at least seven. Prophet Jesus peace be upon him in Islam.

I certainly do not support such an approach. He is buried at the Verulam cemetery. Just because the statement differs, does it prove that Bible is right and the Quran is wrong? Ridgeon, professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Glasgow.


A program of luncheons, speeches and free hand-outs was created to give an increasingly large number of international tourists what was often their first look at Islam. At the age of 9, Deedat left India to join his father in what is now known as Kwazulu-Natal.

Examining the relationship between violence and religious conversation, he stated: The fiery South African autodidact was a champion of interreligious debate. This impressive body of work made Ahmed Deedat a celebrated figure in the Muslim world. His supporters, among them his son maintain that he was “a promoter of free speech and dialogue,” [3] while Abdulkader Tayob of University of Cape Town comments that he was only responding to Christian proselytization in a manner that was “not good or bad – but worth reflecting on.

Just because you throw more than red herrings, does it prove that veedat are victorious?

After Swaggary John Paul II had called for deeper mutual understanding, respect and dialogue with the Muslims, [30] Deedat challenged him in to a public debate in the Vatican Squarebut the Pope did not accept.

In many of the debates, the victorious person is extremely obvious e. Social Text 96, Fallp. Later, a second paperback volume entitled The Choice: His international profile grew inwhen he received the King Faisal Award for his services to Islam in the field of Dawah Islamic missionary activity. And that is the legacy of [Ahmed] Deedat. Religion Islam Africa South Africa. Archived from the original on 22 June Journal of Religion in Africa33 3.

Ahmed Deedat vs Jimmy Swaggart 21 of 23 – Is the bible God’s word

Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat The fiery South African autodidact was a champion of interreligious debate. Prophet Muhammad’s peace be upon him section. Yousuf Deedat recalls how former South African President Nelson Mandela called his father during a presidential visit to Saudi Arabia intelling him that wherever he went, people inquired about the Muslim scholar.


He should not be pardoned. The second debate was swagart with much fanfare and again held in Birmingham on 7 Augustentitled The Quran or the Bible: The first, entitled Is Jesus God?

Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat | Islam | Al Jazeera

Inwhile working as a furniture salesman, he met a group of missionaries at a Christian seminary on the Natal South Coast who, during their efforts to convert people of Muslim faith, often accused the Islamic Prophet Muhammad of having “used the sword” to bring people to Islam. Archived 17 May at the Wayback Machine. His son, Yousuf Deedat, calls him a “lion of the stage”. He was bedridden for the final 10 years of his life, after suffering a stroke that left him paralysed and unable to speak.

Ahmed Deedat

In his last tour to Australia, the publicity resulting from the deedat of Deedat caused Franca Arenamember of the Legislative Council of the government of Swaaggart South Wales to comment in her speech concerning racism:. He was awarded the King Faisal International Prize in for his fifty years of missionary work.

Capitalizing on his popularity in the Middle East following his receipt of the King Faisal Award, Deedat secured a grant to print a collated volume of four of his popular booklets. On the other hand, Deedat received heavy criticism from liberal Muslim groups in South Africa which felt he inaccurately represented Islam and was intolerant of people of other religions, including Christians, Hindus, Jews and Jains.

But Yousuf Deedat maintains that his father’s mission was a peaceful one. What has it do with the Deedzt That’s why today you have pockets of [radicalisation] like ISIL.