Death Kn^qhts of Krynn begins a year after the defeat of Takhisis’ minions in Use the instructions on the Data Card to load the saved game and begin playing. dkk-back dkk-manual PDF dkk-journal PDF dkk-refcard PDF dkk-disk. frame top. What you see below is a giclee print on canvas of the original painting used for. Death Knights of Krynn Manual (pdf):: Death Knights of Krynn is the second in a three-part series of Dragonlance Advanced Dungeons.

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It only helps you distinguish your own men more easily during combat. Each deity confers unique powers to its clerics and determines which alignments a character can be.

It also shows how to get right into the game without having to read through the rules. In many regions this command is not available. SPELLS are defined by their type clerical, mage or druidicwhen they can be cast combat, camp or both and their parameters range, duration, and area of effectand actual effect.

POOL drops all of the party members’ steel mannual, gems and jewelry into the treasure.

Your adventuring party looks forward to a peaceful and uneventful celebration FIX is used to heal many wounded characters with a single command. SHARE picks up everything from the pool and distributes even shares among the party. The computer displays a list of that character’s items and their readied status. The rule book only lists the general game menus. The Journal also includes the maps, information, rumors and stories that you will need to play the game. It tells you how to transfer characters to Death Kniqf its of Krvnn from the fantasy role-playing game.


We are a small team that runs one of the largest DOS Games websites in the world. For more information about magic and the effects of spells look in the Journal. Magic items in the treasure will be marked with a or an This option will only appear if the adive character has a Deled Magic spell available.

Once all characters have selected the spells they want to memorize, choose the REST command to actually memorize the spells.

This option is only displayed if the paladin has a cure available- HEAL [Paladin only is an ability of paladins. Death Knights of Krynn. SPELLS are defined by their type clerical, mage or druidicwhen they can be cast combat, camp or both and their parameters range, duration, and area of effectand actual effect.

Arrows are assumed to be in a quiver and can be readied at ail times.

This first menu is displayed at the start of a game: Gems and jewelry must be sold for steel pieces to make purchases. DROP permanently removes money from a character.

Magic To get the Magic Menu options, the active character must be able to cast spells. This game is deatj on the rules and background created by TSR, Inc.

Death knights of Krynn rulebook

There are two kinds of NPCs: This option is only displayed if the paladin has a cure available. To protect our independence, we are dependent of our friends using the site. The Data Card explains how to start the game and select items and menu options with your specific computer.

When mages advance, they may add a spell to their spell books.

PC (DOS/Windows)

DELAY causes the character to hold his turn until after the characters and monsters have acted. AIM allows weapons or spells to be targeted. Soon after leaving the camp you are involved in the first fight. On some computer systems the character is named after the abilities scores are generated, on others the name is entered after the combat icon is selected.


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A party should have a balanced mix of characters with different classes. The following menus may vary on some computers, although the functions are the ddeath. Not all commands in the Items Menu are always available. Soon you shall discover the Dark Queen Takhisis’s minions are yet to relenquish their evil hold on Ansalon.

The combat screen is a detailed view of the area the party is in when the encounter begins. After the battle he will rejoin the party.

Manual to Death Knights of Krynn | Free Game Empire – Old DOS Games for play or download

Sold items may not be recovered. A paladin may cure once per week at levelstwice at levels and veath times at levels END quits a character’s turn. The active character’s name, HP, AC and readied weapon are displayed. He cannot move or fight but is in no danger of dying. In the area display a cursor shows the party’s position. Hexx – Heresy of The Wizard. MONEY displays the number of steel pieces, gems and jewelry in the treasure.