CTEK DS DUAL D.C Charger – DC/DC solution for operational charging The DS DUAL charger obtains its energy from DC sources such as alternators. The CTEK DS Dual DC-DC charger will charge, condition and maintain your dual battery system, with the ability to charge from both your alternator while. Why won’t my CTEK DS Dual Charge from Solar Panels? The CTEK D DC-DC Charger will also charge from solar panels while it is getting input from.

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She recommended you remove the regulator from the system. And you could run 2 of the DS chargers, CTEK, off of the same power source provided that the power source is rated for the combined draw of both chargers. Show All 1 videos Show Fewer Videos. Fual work on trucks, campers, RVs, 4-wheel drives, boats and tractors. But by adding a SmartPass you can: He did state that because of the start assistance ctfk the SmartPass provides, they highly recommend using a amp fuse and not a amp unit.

You will simply want to get a deep cycle battery and get the amp hour rating you desire.

CTEK SmartPass Energy Management Unit for CTEK D250S DUAL Battery Charger

If the ground of your chassis cte, good you would be just fine to run the ground there instead of back to the battery. Having 4 gauge wire from the battery to the charger and then back to the other batteries will be the way to go. The width is about four-and-a-quarter inches wide. Chek for this part was: The SmartPass can provide a higher amperage charge rate which it would receive from an alternator with higher output to handle more demanding service batteries and banks of batteries.

All CTEK battery chargers are set up so they will never overcharge the batteries. This combination will allow Charge high-capacity service batteries or banks of batteries Run more electrical devices Separate critical electrical devices from non-critical ones More Charging Energy to the Batteries With a SmartPass charger, electrical devices are separated from the service battery, allowing more power to go to charging the service battery so that it can be charged faster.

  EV FRI-2082 PDF

Separates Critical from Non-Critical Electrical Devices The SmartPass also protects the power to critical electrical devices by separating them from non-critical equipment such as marine refrigerators.

It does monitor the battery temperature to help prevent damage to the battery and it does maintain the charge on the starter battery. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. The SmartPass also protects the power to critical electrical devices by separating them from non-critical equipment such as marine refrigerators. He also stated that you can switch the Again, the application on this is for volt starter batteries, service batteries and banks of service batteries.

Without being connected to a power source it will not charge your auxiliary battery. Our Lowest Price Pledge ensures you will never overpay for the parts you need.

This kit will give complete instructions, various terminals and connectors, duak feet of wire and a This will warn you of a low charge on the service battery so it helps make sure you don’t lose power to important electronics like navigation equipment, lights, or radio. The input voltage range is 10 volts DC up to 22 volts DC.

A battery capacity range for this unit is 75 amp hours to amp hours. The sual height is going to be right at two-and-a-half inches tall.

If you want to actually charge the battery of the trailer from a depleted state you would need heavier gauge wire than 10 gauge. Product Experts Available Now! Videos are provided as a guide only. If the trailer has a solar panel or other charging system on it the SmartPass would be best on the trailer for sure.

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To answer your questions, the negative from the altenator will not come into play and should stay grounded to the vehicle.


This is especially important if the service battery is large or consists of a bank of batteries, in which case charging could normally take a long time. We provide one-on-one, personalized service from the ordering process through the life of your product. You will also want to use a 30 amp fuse instead of a 25 amp before the solar panel input. The SmartPass warns you if the charge on the service battery gets low. Easy-to-read indicator lights keep you informed of SmartPass charging actions and alert you to any problems that may develop.


With that being said, a 20 minute drive is not really sufficient time to charge a battery so your best option would be to incorporate the use The DS and the SmartPass are receiving power from an alternator and a solar panel and charging a service battery and a starter battery. This needs to be connected to the auxiliary battery and then a charge source whether that is the alternator from your tow vehicle or a solar panel.

It will keep 12V starter and 12V service batteries at peak charge.

CTEK DS 12 Volt 20 Amp DC to DC Dual Charger

This system monitors the battery temperature and protects the batteries ddual overheating. Your comment has been submitted successfully. Critical and non-critical electrical devices are supported and connected separately. I’ve attached a link to the installation of this combination for you. It will separate the service batteries from equipment that they operate during the charging process, gives priority to service batteries to charge them faster, helps protect the electronic equipment, and it charges the service batteries much more efficiently.

The cables on it has an eyelet terminal right here that connects to the negative cable. This will in turn allow the battery to charge quicker. The LED lights each need to be grounded to the frame of your trailer; You mentioned the use of solar panels so what this set up will do is select the best input from