Posts about CryEngine written by hownot2code. CryEngine 3 SDK made a decision to upload the source code of their game engine CryEngine V to Github. Cryengine 5 / #55 Track View Tiefenschärfe / Tutorial German. Startegel Anno Moving a project from Cryengine EaaS to Cryengine 5. Black Hat Studio. 3. Hi there, I have been busy with CryEngine 3 (CE3) last days, after all these / cryengine-3/tutorials/how-to-create-a-new-vehicle-in-cryengine

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I try it out, but it just flat out refuse to load it for me. TehWutSep 29, You can even change the entire game code and scripts without any “hacks”. LionhunterOct 1, Just all the stuff that create some kind of “immersion” for the player.

What could be worse than 3k USD of upfront payment? Whats really the most important to me is backend and design philosophy because those are the things that will stay with the engine.

CryEngine | How Not To Code

However things like CE3 and UDK are practical tools for development when you want to move on from the building blocks and into actual architecture. Honestly, I am not too cryngine for 3. CostySep 29, How can you create an AssetBundle? Unity may make it extremely easy to make your games and improve your workflow, but the sad reality is sometimes decreasing your workflow allows you to create a better crafted and more respectable project – especially when you have so many tutoial tools at your disposal.


And besides buying, also implement these things. But more crryengine is what would lie in front of me when sticking with Unity: Things on the the ccryengine like shader effects and poly counts, will continue to change and improve considerably each iteration. And on that side i’m quite sure cryengine is a bit ahead of unity. Forget it with Unity! This is what impressed me most and convinced me finally of all when I first started the CE3 Sandbox editor.

With destructive environments, modding as an integral concept, and a lot more. Well, i have rendered a lot more than 4 million polys already actually it was something like 15 million on 30fpsbut those are obviously no good tests. How do you view the Unity Vs. My company, as in my day job, uses CryEngine for simulation work and it works pretty well.

If you want some funky fantasy game or even cartoony game. But actually it doesn’t bother me directly, it just wastes resources UT could spent on important things!

The question is what you need of course. And I suspect we will see this advancement of post shaders in the not too distant future, because as I exaplained, this really isn’t that big of a deal, it’s just a matter of them implemented the technology that’s already been published.

And I believe Unity already has those right minds, and they are already working on it. Asset creation seems too expensive, not to mention competition and lack of an “store” customers usually are not so easy to find in PC. It seems more like a marketing strategy, because it is just of not help in practice. Oh one last thing of medium importance. In the end, there is definitely a place for Unity in the development landscape.


I’ve managed to load up forest once. dektsch


There are far better development solutions to help bring worlds to life in ways that wouldn’t help fuel the notion that it was amateur hour on the independent landscape. MrBurnsSep 29, But as artist, I see a real danger in it.

Like a car racing game? I am personally a big computer graphics nerd and understand very in-depthly all the ways that cryengine is vastly superior in the rendering department to Unity, or really anything else. If the features that Cry can offer are really that important for your game the time that is spend on more diffucult engine is for sure whorth it.

It’s got quite the head start on Unity. All these little things sum up pretty quickly!

The CE3 Sandbox editor is ingenious and well I don’t find any words for it! Its just that some people like me, really want to try it out. I argue exactly the opposite. The point I mentioned is that you sure can do a lot of stuff in Unity yourself. Tutoral so is the crydev search.