Cosmas Mnyanyi, Open University of Tanzania, Psychology and Special Education Department, Faculty Member. Studies Special and inclusive education . Find out more about Lancaster University’s research activities, view details of publications, outputs and awards and make contact with our researchers. G4 Doctoral dissertation (monograph) Changing Teachers┬┤Practices in Regular Schools Enrolling Children with Visual Impairment – An Action Research Project.

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Evaluation of the action research project Head teacher s views of the project The teachers views of the project Children s views of the project Researcher s final reflection Discussion Methodological considerations Main findings Competence and capability Collaboration Knowledge and skills Attitudes Reflection. In most cases persons entering teaching are those with low pass grades in secondary schools, which means that they have less mastery of subject contents Mosha Exploring Ethics with Children.

In rural areas where hospitals are rare, CBM ensures the poorest people can still have access to affordable and adequate health care More information.

The fourth motive for selecting action based research in inclusive education is based on my own interest and experience in the education system in Tanzania. As a teacher, teacher educator, school inspector, and lecturer I have been involved in several Pilot study Phase II: It compares existing More information. A challenge in both special schools and integrated educational placements for children with VI is related to the low number of special schools with few boarding facilities.

Teachers Action research project evaluation Appendix 2. Facts on People with Disabilities in China Background In China, a disabled person is defined as one who suffers from abnormalities of loss of a certain organ or function, psychologically or physiologically. Why is it relevant to focus on teachers perceived challenges in teaching in the Tanzanian context? Introduction Over the last 30 years, many European countries have made a tremendous shift in their educational approach.

To this end, I thank all the teachers who participated in my engaging and demanding research work. The opinions, findings, recommendations and conclusions expressed in this report. This research topic was chosen based on four motives.

An Empirical Study of potential challenges and Benefits of Implementing E-learning in Sri Lanka

It also includes the Dutch More information. Acquiring ICT knowledge and xosmas can drastically change the lives of the visually impaired, he added. A discussion of the education system is included in order to give the reader a picture on how education is managed and its challenges as related to children with VI.


To date 56 disabled people have already learned ICT, the ultimate goal being to ensure all the disabled in the country learn ICT. Tanzania is the largest country in East Africasq kmcomprising both the mainland and the Zanzibar Archipelago.

Neil Murray University of South Australia April Introduction When it comes to writing, academic disciplines particularly those within the humanities and social sciences have a good deal in common and, for the most part, they share very similar expectations More information.

In my research work I was invited into the lives of the teachers of the children with visual impairment who were included in regular classes in my project school. Most of it consists of large low-income families in rural areas where the rate of illiteracy.

Children with VI have a right to education of good quality just as sighted children Farrell, To implement policies, acts, and strategies in creating equal opportunity in education, teachers are the most important component.

Rising Grade 6 students currently attending More information. Teaching Philosophy I believe students learn best when they are motivated to learn by seeing the value and importance of the information presented in the classroom.

I have been in the teaching profession for over 20 years, holding different positions ranging from classroom teacher, teacher educator, cosmax inspector, assistant lecturer mnynyi lecturer in special and inclusive education. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Mental and Intellectual Challenges Programme More information. The goals of ESR were to increase people s physical and mental freedom – to increase their control over themselves, their own lives and the environment in which they live, and to prepare people for a meaningful and productive life, and for service in the villages and rural areas Benson, ; Nyerere, In home-based programs organized by the TSB, children with VI learn the survival skills to help them understand the environment communicate effectively and cooperate with sighted peers in regular schools.

In this section of the study, I describe the education system in Tanzania, inclusive education and teacher education. Whereas some of the children with VI enrolled in primary schools receive some basic training in the home-based programs, teachers receive these children into their classrooms without any special training and thus lack the skills to support their learning. Practices and outcomes through collaboration between teachers Table The 1 Throughout the study I will use the term children with VI when I refer to learners in primary schools who have visual impairment.


We are witnessing change in technology that includes the introduction of ICT in schools, e-learning and changing composition and size of classrooms.

Changing Teachers Practices in Regular Schools Enrolling Children with Visual Impairment – PDF

The findings from this study can contribute to a better understanding of how regular teachers, when supported in reflecting, exploring and analysing their own teaching practices, can change their practices and thus facilitate the learning of diverse learners enrolled in their schools.

Such teaching methods focus on facts and figures presented in mnyxnyi curriculum.

My experience in the field of special education has helped me to see what changes in system, school and classroom level are necessary.

Identifying teachers practices and challenges Teachers practices and support strategies Teachers challenges and proposed solutions The teachers reflections in implementing cycle Children s voices Summarizing reflections and a way forward Cycle 2: Great scholar preaching islam: Alidina Mulla Asgher Shk. Teachers preparations and actions by teaching subject Table The national survey on disability in with participants from about households distributed cosmsa 26 regions in Cosmaw estimated the prevalence of visual impairment to be 3.

Cosmas Mnyanyi | Open University of Tanzania –

Early childhood More information. Therefore, lack of special schools and schools with resource rooms, the cost of transport, and shortages of learning materials and equipment, and the low availability of specialist teachers all pose problems in creating 2 I use the term included in the study when I refer to children with VI who are enrolled in regular schools and attend regular classes, although I am aware that the inclusion does not meet the requirements of real inclusion.

Experience indicates that teachers put emphasis on completion of the syllabus in order to prepare children for mnywnyi. Challenges related to preparation and use of TTM Table