“[Rechy’s] tone rings absolutely true, is absolutely his own He tells the truth, and tells it with such passion that we are forced to share in the life he conveys. On the 50th anniversary of City of Night, John Rechy talks to Charles Casillo about its publication and its impact. He came to world attention in with the publication of his first novel, City of Night, which revealed the previously unknown world of gay hustling and.

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This good, as it allows the reader to focus on the main issue – the narrator’s internal struggle – as well as the fine writing. But at the end of the day, I think Rechy himself describes my feelings for this book in his last paragraphs: City of Night, The book was compelling and expertly crafted. I turned a corner and there ahead of me was an incredible sight: But some people — many people — just never rcehy.

So I thank the writers who have opened their hearts and minds in their novels and memoirs, their essays and poetry. Jon can be read as “gay lit,” of course, or simply as Americana, hot and heavy. It’s one of those books that I read really, really slowly just because I didn’t want it to be over. The story is great and it; I would like to describe it as a dark, thoughtful story.

To each It took me six weeks to get through this, which is quite a while for me. The memories of childhood the narrator describes are so evocative and realistic it’s unbelievable.

Patrons began pelting the police cjty donuts and coffee cups. In this book helped lure me to California. Gay vernacular has remained surprisingly unchanged in the 50 years since. I’m just thankful that the world has moved on in the way it has, and while no doubt the darker elements of the novel still probably exist, they’re not the only option.

His parents, who had migrated from Mexico, had been affluent but gradually became impoverished during the depression. Share your thoughts with other customers. Pornographer David Hurles wrote that “Rechy’s story set me free I can see why it was mohn an important book when it was published, considering what the book is about.

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See recuy discover other items: Ngiht story is our story in many respects, and all our marriage rights, suburban acceptance and “normal lives” are in some crazy way built upon the whacked out and suffering lives of Rechy’s characters who are based on real folks he encountered on his road.

It’s a perversion in itself. And as long as my if books are there, they are there to be discovered. The city of night of the soul. It is a novel about America. There are also at least two books here — one an almost journalistic account of life in the bars and on the streets and another, much less satisfying overlay of drama and unconvincing introspection.

There, Rechy reveals the poetry of two young lost souls, craving tenderness, yet too frightened to explore their buried sexual feelings for each other. Jun 29, Matthew Gallaway rated it it was amazing.

Thank you for signing up! While the places he speaks of so intimately may have aged away I believe a good among of the account was drawn from Rechy’s own youththe scenes he describes and the palpable emotion never will. The hustlers are typical, with enough characterization to offer a fair portrayal jlhn most types. City of Night follows an unnamed hustler as he bounces through the queer underworlds of America’s so-called “cities of night”: Way ahead of its time and still worth ciity read.

City of Night and John Rechy

I don’t know how this book holds up, but it gets its five stars for the impact it had on me way back then. A book that will last. It is not lurid or defensive; it treats its subject squarely and forthrightly, revealing many facets of this subculture in a way they had never been revealed before when the novel was published ineven in the novels of Jean Genet.

Showing of 83 reviews. It also made me sorrow for the ways we mistreat each other. It’s a freaking important part of our language.

All of these relationships range in the extent of their emotional and sexual nature, as well as in their peculiarity. This book was apparently controversial when it was published in His most vivid memory of his early days is the death of his dog “Winnie” and asking his Catholic mother if he’ll see Winnie again in Heaven.


The largely passive narrator acts as a device for hearing out the stories of various characters from this furtive sexual underworld, a few of which are incredibly poignant; but there are longueurs too across the many months and miles, and any resolution Bits of this book are certainly 4-star, a few chapters may even merit 5, but the overall journey through the nocturnal world of s America’s gay hustling scene, over almost pages of small print, was just a little too arduous for my liking.

City of Night

He’s incredibly laid back and observational about the whole thing, whether he’s trying to milk money off a rich client nignt Los Angeles or watching a drag queen kick the shit out of a heckler in New Orleans. Czech edition of City iohn Night 2 14 Dec 26, I know you’re shocked that I haven’t dug that one up before It is a novel about loneliness, about love and the ceaseless, furtive search for love.

Many literati of the day were appalled. What I meant to say was that Senor Rechy walks the fine line of those that can pull this off and those straight blow it.

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Pick up those dropped jaws kids. It can be read as “gay lit,” of course, or simply as Americana, hot and heavy. Said James Baldwin of the author, “Rechy is the most arresting young writer I’ve read in a very long time.

It is the most humbling and liberating experience. I don’t mean to sound disingenuous, but like someone who hated a certain food as a kid but grew up to like it, I can barely remember what it was like to harbor that homophobia in niyht past.