Title, Chimica organica. Con CD-ROM. Author, Paula Yurkanis Bruice. Edition, 2. Publisher, Edises, ISBN, , Length, Bruice – Chimica Organica. To maximize your viewing experience of this digital catalog, we recommend installing Adobe Flash Player Plugin. This installation. K. Peter, P. Vollhardt, N. E. Schore, Chimica Organica,. Zanichelli. • P. Y. Bruice, Chimica Organica, EdiSES. • T. W. Graham Solomons, Organic Chemistry.

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Information on the course unit.

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Oxygen and sulphur compounds. V unit – Synthetic organic polymers. First cycle degree orgainca. Acidi carbossilici e derivati. Alkenes, alkynes, carbonyl compounds. Johnson, La chimica organica attraverso gli esercizi Teaching methods Theoretical lessons Assessment methods Written text and oral examination. You will learn the main properties of the organic molecules and of biologically relevant macromolecules.

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Chimica organica

Ethers, epoxides, thiols and sulphides. Course contents 1 Covalent bonding and shape of molecules 2 Alkanes and cycloalkanes 3 Stereochemistry and chirality 4 Acids and bases 5 Alkenes 6 Reactions of alkenes 7 Alkynes 8 Haloalkanes, halogenation and radical reactions 9 Nucleophilic substitution and beta-elimination 10 Alcohols 11 Bruive, epoxides and sulphides 12 Organometallic compounds 13 Aldehydes and ketones 14 Carboxylic acids 15 Functional derivatives of carboxylic acids 16 Enolate anions and enamines 17 Conjugated systems brruice Benzene and aromaticity 19 Reactions of benzene and its derivatives 20 Amines 21 Carbohydrates, Aminoacids and proteins.


Overview of NMR spectrometry. La sostituzione elettrofila aromatica. Nucleophilic substitution and elimination. Some to choose from are listed below.

VIII unit – Laboratory experiments: Dienes and chiimca carbonyl compounds. Carboxylic acids and derivatives. La sostituzione nucleofila aromatica.

Teaching Mode Traditional lectures. Prerequisiti Chimica generale ed inorganica. Chemical reactions and stereoisomery. Information on the course unit. Alcheni, alchini, composti carbonilici. Smith, Fondamenti di Chimica Organica.

The study material consists of the recommended texts or other similar texts possibly chosen by the student, the lecture notes and the copies of the slides made available by the teacher.

Educational offer – University of Padova

Bruice, Elementi di Chimica Organica. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. Edlses cycle degree courses. Textbooks and optional supplementary readings Paula Y. Orario di ricevimento Ogni giorno previo appuntamento con il docente tramite E-mail.

Teaching form Lessons, 5 credits Classes, 1 credits.

Goals This course aims at providing the student bguice the knowledge required to tackle all the fundamental problems of organic chemistry, with particular emphasis focussed on the study of the chemical properties and reactivity of aliphatic compounds. I derivati ossigenati e solforati Alcoli: The ability to recognize the organic compounds classes alcohols, amines, aldehydes, etc.


Electronic structure and chemical bond. The final exam consists of a computerized test with multiple choice answers, followed by an oral examination. See the website of Elisabetta Mezzina. Altri testi di consultazione: organixa