Cathedral is the third major-press collection of short stories by American writer Raymond Carver, published in Contents. 1 Reception; 2 The stories. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Cathedral. It helps middle and high school students understand Raymond Carver’s literary. Cathedral has ratings and reviews. Luca said: English (Cathedral) / ItalianoThis collection of twelve stories by Raymond Carver is the per.

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She covers up for the narrator’s mistakes. This is pretty clearly a liberating experience for our narrator, something memorable enough that he needs to tell his story. The tone is harsh, devastating, unrelentingly sad. After a while, Patti wanted carvre job. But I didn’t feel like I was inside anything. The result is an emotional earthquake in the reader.

Cathedral (short story)

It sure did for me. He has just trained himself to excel at that out of necessity. It is the cathedral story in Carver’s collection Cathedral The later Carver seems to be poking fun at the morbidity in his past, all the while embracing life and its small wondrous experiences.

Neither of these two interpretations seem very likely as the main thrust, however. The narrator and his wife are visited by Robert, a longtime friend and past employer of the wife. This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat What does it matter – the man is blind! A beard on a blind man!


Right up there with the best short stories you have ever read. Questions on the Ending of Raymond Carver’s Cathedral.

Both the narrator and his wife are unable to effectively communicate with one another; however, his wife communicates freely and well with the blind man. There is a spark of hope in that ending – a spark, that is, for the narrator. I did some work, rxymond the card for eight hours, went drinking with the nurses.

I have witnessed both astonishment and incomprehension, as well as embarrassment by some sighted people watching my friends eat. He puts himself in the blind man’s place. Dec 31, Eric rated it it was amazing.

I think you got it,’ he said. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thanks also to a minimal prose, Carver has the great virtue of guessing more than any other author that the everyday and the ordinary, such as a home accident, a watch robbery or even the death catheerals the most familiar events that bind us to life.


Cathedral (short story) – Wikipedia

cathedralls Vivia Boe This short story leaves ccarver impression that stays with you; no need to re-read. He would have had plenty of descriptions, not to mention aids such as tactile pictures, and models.

I once heard a fascinating theory that many of his stories feel like those confessionals you deliver in Alcoholics Anonymous and other step programs. I brought his hand to my cheek. The theme is the communication gap that isolates relationships.

I’ve been here once before. So we kept on with it. It’s his first time here, and he’s scared.

Someone blind from birth is likely to have far better computer skills that the average sighted person. It is not a bad story in my view, merely cagver one which stops short of investigating the deeper issues here, perhaps because the author did not consider them.

You could say the same thing about these deceptively simple yet extraordinary stories.