Análisis caso CONAMED de Odontología. SpSonSsoSredS. · April 28, ·. Análisis caso CONAMED de Odontología. K Views. 5 Likes50 Shares · Share . shepardrimjvvjhtd. Caso conamed apenidictis vs salmonelosis. DrMandingo WEB. resumejune Laurie Brooks. WordCamp Kansai Title: Importancia de los artículos de Casos CONAMED para el estudiante de medicina. (Spanish); Alternate Title: Significance of articles about CONAMED.

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Any action or omission taking place in the practice of the profession can be consummated maliciously or culpably. A worldwide Nursing Theory.

Regarding the implications, the impact of the news affects the individuals in all their spheres; the fact of thinking about cancer is thinking about death. As it is known, the fact of enduring cancer leads individuals to developing feelings of loss, failure, and futility.

Humanized care; the case of patients subjected to chemotherapy

According to items described in the Federal Civil Code, articleit is stated that if a subject acts illicitly or contravenes good morals, and that as a result of this, damage is caused, such damage must be repaired.

In this case evidence is all documentation inherent to the case, such as original clinical file, medical history, extra and intra oral exploration, odontograms, X-rays, informed consent or notes of progress. Regarding the news, as shown by the results, it is a crucial moment impregnated with emotional feelings fonamed implicit consequences that deserve professional intervention.

These are evidence of the necessity for humanizing care. A qualitative approach was used with tools from grounded theory; 23 interviews were conducted and a field diary was kept.

Importancia de los artículos de Casos CONAMED para el estudiante de medicina.

The case analyzes, from the regulatory point of view, the adherence with different provisions that the attending physician must comply with and meet: Routine also distances them from communication with patients and hinders their capacity to perceive their needs, which are physiological and spiritual, emotional, among others.


The behaviors take on various forms, in order of seriousness we found: Greeting from outside means establishing a physical barrier in the communication: A dentist acts with lack of skill when, lacking the specialist’s degree, he conducts risky procedures even though he is aware of the negative consequences that might arise.

National League for Nursing; We found something that can represent extreme isolation in the sense of not wanting to come close to do the work, as stated by a patient: However, remote access to EBSCO’s databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution.

Isolation and loneliness were identified as brought about by physicians and nurses, whose sole purpose is to try to isolate the patient unnecessarily, without permitting the company of even the closest relative, with the aggravating condition that the personnel also do not accompany the patient.

César Rodrigo Rivera Sánchez | Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México –

To this effect, Heluy de Castro et al. Buckman 28 proposes as strategies to deliver news of this nature six stages to follow, which we take up as recommendations: The same authors explain that hospital institutions are social subsystems that carry out the task of socializing individuals through pre-established guidelines and standards, adapting and integrating them to the system, to have them comply with roles established to maintain social control of the internal system.

Herein, we seek to know the necessities of humanized care of patients subjected to chemotherapy. Culture care Diversity and Universality. To improve our services and products, we use “cookies” own or third parties authorized to show advertising related to client preferences through the analyses of navigation customer behavior.

Av Psicol Clin Latinoam. Figure 2 A and B shows the case of a patient treated with bi-phosphonates, caaso deficient clinical history of this patient was taken, due to dentist lack of observance and imprudence, the dentist performed multiple extractions and culpably caused maxillary and mandibular osteonecrosis.


I have prepaid medical insurance and my care has been excellent and fast, but it makes me sad to see people who have to wait so long for their treatment, but that is not the institution’s fault E I don’t think about life or death The qualitative approach was selected based on the grounded theory.

According to the aforementioned, this work accepts the following recommendations to improve nursing care by a Mexican organization: The Mexican Official Norms Normas Oficiales Mexicanas NOM on compulsory observance and administration must be applied in all Mexican territory; 6 in cases when the dentist incurs in judicial anomalies, it will be ascertained that said dentist acted in concordance to the aforementioned.

Also, it was found that explaining to the patient the sense of the treatment is one of the characteristics of good communication: We hereby offer a list:.

Indifference and disillusionment were expressed in many ways: This article can be read in its full version in the following page: I would like it if the nurse stayed talking to me a bit longer E In other words, deceit is effected when although knowing the judicial consequences of a certain action, it is decided to perform it in an autonomous and voluntary manner, and guilt takes place when, without desiring it, an unexpected result is obtained, and this result is legally typified as an offence.

Another dehumanizing behavior refers to treating adult patients like children, infant treatment which takes away the capacity to make decisions and ultimately constitutes a dehumanizing behavior and their diminished autonomy: