BW44 is a complete day training program created to help you master control over your bodyweight. INSIDE: * 27 unique workouts in a digital. I have been on the hunt for the next level after completing a rival program (I found out about tee major by a post from the maker of said program) for the last 3 . The BW44 Program will be transitioning to a members only site and I will be adding s.

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You have the freedom to print the manual and burn all digital files to CD at will. Your new body awaits.

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If you haven’t worked out in a while or aren’t sure if you are ready for a program like this, there are fit tests and forms provided in the prograk. This part of the program alone is amazing.

Yes, my password is: How do I know if I’m ready for BW44? Feb 10, Messages: This allows us to provide affordable products to you.


No workout in this program should take more than an hour, 6 days a week. The beauty of this program is that it is easy to follow and flexible. Just check out the testimonials of my BW44 training partners. However, to maximize your results, I have also broken down my nutrition to a simple science you can understand.

May 4, Messages: If you want to do the program then do it. KnightTemplarJan 23, KidAlchemyJan 23, How much time do the workouts take?

BW44 Program

If you want it, then I say get progrm. What if I want a less strenuous program? The BW44 schedule is crafted to be a complete program, however, you can choose to focus on only the bodyweight training instead. If you ever lose your program, you can re-download any time.

Preparing for BW44

You will not be sent any tangible product in the mail. It can help you lose body fat, gain lean muscle, condition for sport, gain flexibility for sport, and improve your overall level of health and fitness. You can complete most proyram in a room the size of your living room or garage. What makes BW44 so effective?


The Small White North. BW44 is a flexible program with dynamic movements and workouts. Do you already have an account? Mar 19, Messages: What if I want to focus on weight loss? Better stick to Convict Conditioning, Ross books, Building the gymnastic body by coach summers.

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What will it do for me? You will quickly learn while using this program that the heavier you are, the more difficult this program becomes.

Kaizen means continuous improvement. Share This Page Tweet. The schedule places these prigram at the optimal times to gradually develop your bodyweight strength while torching fat.

Seems like BS to me. May 6, Messages: What does it consist of? The process emphasizes the elimination of waste. MiiiiiiightyJan 23, This also allows us to provide you with product updates and corrections efficiently.