Religion and Society in the Near East, | Berkey’s focus in The Formation of Islam is on ideas and institutions and their social and political context. Khalid Yahya Blankinship; Jonathan P. Berkey. The Formation of Islam: Religion and Society in the Near East, – (Themes in Islamic. Berkey is an Associate Professor of History at Davidson College. He describes Islam as having developed across generations, and he writes of various religious .

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In the Roman Empire, as is well known, Manichaeism was a potent force, which at one point held a powerful attraction for St Augustine.

Now she is a woman, not at all changed, except in the eyes of self-deceived men. This fueled sectarian competition, especially between Nestorians and Monophysites. Bythe emperor Theodosius declared Christianity the official religion of the empire. In Egypt, the situation was made herkey by the fact that the priests apparently lost their ability to read and write the Egyptian language in its ancient scripts, and so found themselves partially cut off from their pagan religious traditions: Nonetheless, cities there were, cities which were frequently dominated by merchants and others involved in a commercial economy, and often it was in them, or in response to their needs and uncertainties, berkej the religious developments formaton survived and which seemed important to later generations took shape.

See Simon, Verus Israel, —8. It is doubtful that Islam began as anything more than the monotheistic religion of the Arabs.

Their authority was based, not on descent, but on the claim nerkey they possessed and transmitted an oral law, parallel to the written law, which they traced back to Moses. Their Religious Beliefs and Practices London: The Formation of Islam: Brill,95; Michael G. Fo doctrine bore a superficial resemblance to Christianity — Jesus, for example, plays a prominent role in the Manichaean myth — but Mani also drew upon certain Indian ideas such as metempsychosis and especially Iranian dualism.

They helped to make possible, for example, the emergence of traditions which claimed adherents beyond any one city or locality: This leaves open, furthermore, the analytically separate issue of religious syncretism. Bishops seized the moment and, capitalizing on the anxieties stirred up by the violence they had provoked, frequently made certain that attacks on temples were followed by the formal mass conversion of the pagans who had worshiped in them.


The Formation of Islam | Jonathan Berkey –

Those traditions and the expectations they encouraged may have shaped the particular form of Coptic Christianity: Cyril Mango and Roger Scott Oxford: To cite just one instance, one which may have been known to the emperor Constantine: Sources for Biblical Study, no.

On the other hand, Mani and his followers aimed from the beginning at an even larger target.

The poem is the Dionysiaca of Nonnos of Panopolis, trans. At the rise of the Sasanian empire, the community was led by the exilarch, a member of a family claiming Davidic descent. Kavad sought to undermine the purity of lineage, and thus the status and power of the nobility, by insisting upon universal access to women; while Mazdak led a peasant revolt which demanded universal access too, or at least the radical redistribution of, both women and wealth.

The precise date of the brekey and redaction of the Zoroastrian texts known collectively as the Avesta has been much discussed, but they may have taken shape as a direct response of the Zoroastrian priesthood to the challenge posed by Mani and his fprmation.

But it was also a product of very practical and immediate needs such as healing, or ensuring a decent cropand so was served not simply by relatively remote bwrkey priests but by local holy men, local deities, local shrines, local stories, and religious practices defined or administered by flrmation figures — loci of religious 79 Morony, Iraq after the Muslim Conquest, — These tensions and mis- understandings led to accusations that the Jews harbored a deeply-rooted indifference, or even hostility, to non-Jews, and at frmation to outbursts of anti-Jewish violence.

It would be safer to say that Islam “emerged,” gradually and uncertainly, over the decades — an “ill-defended period of gestation” — which followed the death of the Prophet Muhammad in On the other hand, the con- fessional religions of late antiquity were by nature increasingly exclusive: The religions of late antiquity 19 rebellion later in the sixth century, some communities of Jews backed the losing claimant to the Sasanian throne, which again led to pogroms.

And after removing her infant and cooking it in a pot, all those who were intending to fight kslam the sleeves of their right arm in this detestable sacrifice. Intellectuality and interpretation — what Berkey calls religious knowledge ‘ilm — was a part of the development of Islam. The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, volume 1: At the Sasanian court, he encountered and came into conflict formatiom the Zoroastrian priest Karter.


The Formation of Islam, by Jonathan P. Berkey

Don’t have an account? Consequences of Monotheism in Late Antiquity Princeton: In the centuries before the rise of Islam, the Near East was dominated by two rival states. It is probably best to begin by stepping behind the more sharply-delineated religious boundaries of later centuries, and remembering that Judaism as we islaam it was, like the other 3 Wayne A. Philosophical Library,78— Cambridge University Press,—9.

The formation of Islam: religion and society in the Near East, 600-1800

In time, however, it was Karter who prevailed: In the first place, the question of paganism is a reminder that religion and religious identities can be experienced on a variety of levels. In the early first century BCE, the Sibylline oracle had commented that Jews could be found throughout the known world, an observation repeated in a somewhat boastful letter of King Herod Agrippa to the Roman emperor Caligula. The size and prestige of the Babylonian community grew at the direct expense of the Jewish community of Palestine.

Harper and Row,86—7. More importantly, the schism resulted in the emergence in both Egypt and Syria of rival networks of bishops, priests and churches, one loyal to the Chalcedonian formulations generally supported although in varying degrees, and not without efforts to heal the breach by the emperors, another to the Monophysite creed. A Nestorian catholicos, shortly after the Muslim conquest but well before significant numbers of local residents had converted to Islamcomplained that there were more pagans than Christians in the 77 Roger S.

In the first place, the existence of regional and trans-regional trading networks discouraged cultural and religious parochialism. Clarendon Press,; Han J.