‘Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’ materials are available here to view and download in PDF format. Printed copies are also available to. What is the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (‘MUST’)? The ‘MUST’ is reproduced here with the kind permission of BAPEN (British Association for. ‘MUST’ is a five-step screening tool to identify adults, who are malnourished, ‘ Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’. BAPEN. Advancing Clinical Nutrition.

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Implications for research and practice Nutrition intervention in cancer patients can involve many strategies, including dietary counseling and oral nutritional supplementation.

Key learning points fool Use a project planning approach; require structure and timelines for the implementation, training and evaluation. Discussion Malnutrition is common in cancer patients and has a negative impact on disease outcome.

All other authors declare no conflict of interest. Then, to go a step further, to formulate a dietetic care plan that involved food selection and meal planning patterns using oral diet, extra snacks, and possible prescribed supplements.

The dietetic service was already working with care homes and had good relationships with care home managers.

Medical and Health Sciences: Key findings Key learning points. Journal List Biomedicine Taipei v. It also established the predictive validity of MUST with respect to clinical outcomes, such as mortality and length of stay in hospital, and healthcare use in nationally representative samples of older people living in the community [3. Protein levels of between 1.

As a result, it was decided to prioritise the implementation of MUST in care homes. Table 2 – Average daily food intake by the subjects before and after nutrition education. Dissemination to date has included: A new tool for combating malnutrition in the UK and overseas. J Pain Symptom Manage. The number of MUST scores undertaken by an experienced clinical nurse on patients within 24 h of admission.


This investigation selected a validated tool that was an easy and simple to screen patients at nutritional risk in oncology, MUST. For bed-bound patients, for whom weight and height cannot readily be measured, the research demonstrated that alternative measures e.

Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (‘MUST’)

The objective of this study is to evaluate if there is a benefit to nutrition education and oral nutritional supplementation on the nutritional status of patients with cancer that are at a high risk of malnutrition.

From toresearch undertaken by teams led by Marinos Elia, Professor of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism present at the University of Southampton’s Institute of Human Nutrition, created and validated the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool MUST for identifying and managing patients with or at risk of malnutrition [3. The risk of malnutrition and its severity in oncology patients are affected by the tumor type, stage of disease, and the antineoplastic therapy applied [ 3 ].

As a result, the roll-out of the MUST framework into clinical practice began in [5. Guidelines on Parenteral Nutrition: Cancer has been the number one cause of death in Taiwan for decades [ 1 ]. The studies demonstrated excellent inter-rater agreement associated with MUST screening, examined the relative value of different surrogate measures for estimating height and weight status in bed-bound patients and devised new predictive equations to estimate height from ulna length at the bedside.

Implementing nutritional screening in care homes | NICE

Baseline nutritional status is predictive of response to treatment and survival in patients treated by definitive chemoradiotherapy for a locally advanced esophageal cancer. Considerations about the definition of optimal nutrition for patients and its key role in the comparison of the results of studies on nutritional intervention.

Malnutrition increases the duration of the hospital stay [ 15 ], reduces the cost-benefit and risk-benefit ratios of anticancer treatments [ 15 ], and is directly or indirectly muet for excess mortality among cancer patients [ 16 ]. Economic impact of malnutrition: The data obtained on food and nutrient intake was then analyzed statistically.


Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (‘MUST’ App from BAPEN)

The increase in intake was found statistically significant after imparting the nutritional education, with daily intake of energy and proteins becoming Expressions of interest were also received from other countries, including China and Finland. J Parenter Enteral Nutr. Submitting Institution University of Southampton.

MUST used these factors to formulate a simple, valid, reproducible score that formed the basis of a care plan. It also assessed levels of equipment available e. This programme will now we rolled out yool all care homes in Peterborough. Study design The number of MUST scores undertaken by an experienced clinical nurse on patients within 24 h of admission. Total number and percentage of patients. Statistical mut The data obtained on food and nutrient intake was then analyzed statistically.

Nutricia MUST Calculator –

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the subjects for their participation and to all clinical registered dietitians RDwho kindly provided the supplements for this trial. An integrated database management system for Taiwanese Food composition and related dietary assessment database: Meal patterns were assessed by asking the caregivers to indicate how tkol times they provided meals and snacks to the patients.

Its efficacy was then demonstrated through another series of studies, including field testing in more than centres throughout the UK.

In an adult the normal range of serum albumin is defined as 3. Br J Nutr ;