J. R Little. Cheikh Hamidou Kane belongs to a whole generation of francophone biographical material in the structuring of his first novel, L’aventure ambigue. L’aventure ambigue is an interesting book that tells the story of Samba Diallo. A young Diallobe boy who is among the first children of his village to attend a. L’aventure AmbiguĂ« De Cheikh Hamidou Kane [Ambigue] has 2 ratings and 0 reviews: 95 pages.

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A story of the colonized versus the colonizers–West vs.

In retrospect, my program specifically dealt with analytical philosophy. Books by Cheikh Hamidou Kane. The story begins when Diallo is a youngster and a student at a Koranic school, the Glowing Hearth. Kane even has a Shakespearean fool-character who brings the point home on several occasions.

He is a stellar student. One of his questions that really made me think was whether his doubts and struggles were just a part of him growing up or were part of a larger struggle hamkdou his people and his faith.

Thus, he is also out of sorts with his own people. Simple, in the way Coehlo’s “Alchemist” is simple, yet deeply philosophical.

Ambiguous Adventure – Cheikh Hamidou Kane

For more guidance, see Wikipedia: I still have not read another book that captures the differential impact of quranic education in a West African environment and Western education in Europe on a pupil who has been shaped by both. They say that the movement is spreading, and that soon, in the world, that same great cry against poverty will drown out the voice of the muezzins.

Apr 28, Yulonda rated it liked it. L’aventure ambigue is an interesting book that tells the story of Samba Diallo. Smbigue with This Book.


Still the damage has been done. As students, we dove into philosophy from a deductive approach, setting aside much of European existentialism and Eastern philosophy.

The school in which I would place our children will kill in them what today we love and rightly conserve with care.

Cheikh Hamidou Kane L’Aventure ambiguĂ«

Ambiguous Adventure – Canada. A Western-Centric Education Enveloped in study during my college years, I often overlooked the narrow focus of my discipline.

This parable-like novel of a young man trying to make sense of his nation’s colonization is pretty aventurw stuff. Nietzsche is the contemporary of the industrial revolution. It’s very current, you know. The pastor he is conversing with does not believe he will go this route If you are interested in non-Western views on life, check kanee Ambiguous Adventure. Setting aside the religious aspect of the book we are also faced here with ambighe whole issue of colonisation and how it corrupts and frequently destroys important cultures.

Teaches him to recite the Koran by the sacred fire in his hut. To view it, click here. The dead have something to say to us. The text sets mane and explores a false dichotomy between a spiritual Sufism in Senegal native culture and a secular, alienated, modern West. Ambiguous Adventure – UK. No trivia or quizzes yet. The main character’s struggle with his faith also has some familiarity to it.

There is change afoot, however: He is not one of those who don’t recognize their elders and their heritage after learning from the French; instead, he finds himself torn between the two.

Ambiguous Adventure

A part of me considered This story has been told before and will, I have no doubt, be told again. Quotes from Ambiguous Adventure. The complete review ‘s Review:. The message is a simple one: In former times the world was like my father’s dwelling: The second part is the set largely in Paris, where Diallo goes to university — though the same issues still hanut him.


Even though I greatly appreciate my education and credit it for sharpening my critical reasoning skills, I feel unbalanced. Only the artifice has grown stronger with time, covering up what is of nature.

It is simply false that no one ever doubted th The text sets up and explores a false dichotomy between a spiritual Sufism in Senegal native culture and a secular, alienated, modern West. There is not a clear mind deciding between the two factors of a choice. Jun 20, Dana Kraft rated it liked it Shelves: The violence for the sake of disciplining the disciples boiled my blooooooooood.

Ambiguous Adventure by Cheikh Hamidou Kane

Aug 13, Yann rated it really liked it. I have lost a privileged mode of acquaintance. Starts off as a young boy receiving a religious education in Senegal, then moves to Paris in order to continue his studies.

There is a strange nature, in distress over not being two An interesting take on one young man’s experience with religion, as filtered through colonialism and the contest between Christian and Islamic traditions as different parts of the world collide.