Asguaard. type and absolutely need to get those Steam achievements, pay the extra few bones and get the official walkthrough (or find another online). Aldorlea Games releases Ella’s Hope. Aldorlea Games ( .. This game is the latest release from the company who have brought you. This full game walkthrough for Asguaard is currently in progress. If you would like to help us write this walkthrough, please post in here.

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While Glen and Rayanne are running some errands, Grom will go talk to the Elder alone. There are lots of hidden locations on this map. Goonda — Minas — Master: You can probably kill them now. Callum — Port Siren — Guru: Energy Leech — Gives Leecher skill — Expert: So remember, Glen is you.

You’re doing an excellent job!!! Now be careful as there are two big black holes asgkaard the floor that you will fall through when you walk into them.

On map 5 you can go south to access the north end of map 2. I could beat these at level 28, and you will definitely be able to beat them once you come back from Hyperbole.

Then go back to map 10 and go west to map For general chat and discussions not related to Asguaard you can try our General Discussion Boards. Pokemon News and updates Keep informed and updated Pokemon Giveaway Our pokemon experts can help you. Go in and talk to Sterling.


He will tell you about the sixth and seventh plague. By the way,this is my first playthrough,so I may have missed a few things. Also ignore the path to the south, which goes to Shark Cove.

Asguaard FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

There are two paths down from map 14, each going to a different part of map Greter — Hidden Location — Master: As with most Aldorlea games, there are many secret rooms scattered throughout this game. It is time to take your party, sans Glen, to Edelweyss village.

Karim — Ancient Land — Guru: You can summon the zeppelin with Walktheough and disembark with F7. The open barrels outside contain a fur hat which you do need to equip and some coins. However, you need to get off the zeppelin to be able to traverse between world maps.

On the right hand side you see your party, their health asguasrd HP and mana points MPtheir current level and progress toward the next level, and any additional status they may have. If you know how to get there, please let me know! Cross the bridge and go on to the next screen.


Southeast of Savioropolis is the village of Izuma, where you can find a few more skills. There are quite a few goodies lying around, and the shrubs are also full of powders. The items menu walkthorugh all the items you currently have in your pack.

I hope the successive parts will be uploaded sooner than this one. Similarly, you can leave the menu again with these actions. You want to find it so you can find out what happened to you! After a farce of a trial, Glen is found guilty and sentenced to death. They ask your awlkthrough — you can select any name you like, but in this walkthrough I will use the default name of Glen.

For all dungeons I will describe a route that will get you through all the maps, not just the ones on the way through.

The Official Aldorlea Games Forum

Via — Izuma — Master: Endurance — Heal yourself better during long fights — Expert: Grom wants you to do more learning before you go to Kandara. Download All Our Games. Then go to Savioropolis and tell the Elder about the stone.

Zubar — Hidden Location — Guru: