ARINC REPORT – Page 6 OMS DESCRIPTION OMS Architecture The OMS should consist of the following equipment:?. Buy ARINC DESIGN GUIDANCE FOR ONBOARD MAINTENANCE SYSTEM from SAI Global. Avionics maintenance practices continue to improve through On-Board Maintenance System (OMS) recording. This standard defines the OMS.

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This capability should be provided in a manner which does not interfere with normal operation of any other functions of the system.

An easy method to input alpha-numeric data should be provided. These screens should allow a user to arinx data in text or graphic format, present menus, display reports, and perform selected ACMS functions e. An octet is equivalent to a byte.

The OMS designer should ensure that the proper manual troubleshooting procedures are automatically made available from applicable OMD data. 6224 objective is to eliminate the need for unscheduled maintenance actions for system faults and to be able to defer corrective actions until scheduled maintenance periods. The GBSS should perform data entry and syntax checking, generating error messages where appropriate.

This data should include hardware and software part numbers or combined part number, serial number, modification status, and programmable options in effect e. Failure data and time Flight phase Aircraft identification Flight number and city pair or route number?

These reports should have the following attributes under user-control: Non-member systems are those systems with no electronic interface for fault reporting via the CMC.

Four different classes are defined: Last 4 octets are ISO 5 characters indicating destinationAirport. This class is not referenced directly in the ASN. The generalized formats, including the OMS identification tags, are as follows: Additional power up or user initiated tests may be added to improve the overall fault detection integrity.


An event could be a given point in the flight profile and be routine in nature, or be on an exception basis triggered by internal logic, crew-alert events, or the manual event arinf on the flight deck.

If time cycle information is available, the message should be as defined in the following ASN.

The consolidation of data, the correlation with flight deck effects and supplementary fault isolation to an LRU or interface if appropriate, will be done by the CMC. Flight Leg Present leg Last leg Next pervious leg etc. Identifier is a name identifying the context-specific item.

Identifier [Type number] Type characteristic where: For specialized communication applications, such as that required for OMS, the services of the intermediate layers may not be required.

Active – System is currently monitoring the fault and believes the fault exists.

Onboard Maintenance Systems Design & Development – Performance

Type number identifies the assigned context-specific type number, c. Subsequent numbered blocks should contain the next most recent fault record, etc.

This should be considered in the areas of degree of automation, design for ease of selection of required tests, minimization of required ground support equipment, and personnel safety provisions. Specifically the objectives of an OMS are: August 30, Private: This message contains an option code to indicate user response to a question that may be included in the instructions. Report characteristics should include the following: Changes in states of faults i.

This subtraction will have to account for the to transition in the CMC transmitted flight leg number. Be simple and brief, comparable to flight crew preflight tests Not require ground support equipment Be automatic, if possible 3.


The value field should include the actual data for the unit. The Series describes guidelines for installation, wiring, data busesand databases.

Therefore, some modification will have to be made if adinc single CMC configuration is applied. Failure indication or flight-deck effect, if any Failed function Failed LRU, part number or serial number, or interface ATA reference Onboard maintenance documentation reference The human user, through the OMS control panel and display unit or MAT, should be able to further request or select: Be simple and brief, comparable to flight crew preflight tests Not require ground support equipment Be automatic, if possible 3.

Some of these attributes may be modifiable by the user.

Onboard Maintenance Systems for Modern Aviation

Flight leg number will be displayed on the maintenance terminal as the following: Specific arinv consideration should be given to system areas such as: This means that it should be possible to adapt a protocol developed for one bus to other buses aeinc little or no change in the upper layers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The uplinks passed to OMS from Data Link may consist of specific requests for data, specific condition monitoring reports, and other appropriate OMS functions. The interlocks will vary by system.