DD Basu has great chapters regarding Introduction, how the constitution came into being, FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS(The most important chapter) and then. Buy online INTRODUCTION TO THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA by D D BASU. Buy online WORKBOOK ON CONSTITUTION OF INDIA by D D Basu. Introduction to the Constitution of India This book is the first of its kind, which presents the great work of Dr. DD Basu in the form of a workbook, supplementing his.

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Introduction To The Constitution Of India by Durga Das Basu

Restatement of Indian Law: This book is for everyone preparing for competitive exams held by the Union and State Public Service Commissions, presenting elaborate insight into the Indian Constitution. Condtitution the language is a bit legalese hence complex introductiin, the end product is well worth the trouble. Basu has written this masterpiece to make things easy for us.

Dr K S Chauhan Parliament: Given the details the book holds as compared to the other books available in the same subject I would consider it best. It is must read for every Indian.

Certified BuyerChennai. Finally as they say if you are preparing for Civils or if want to get a bit of gist of the legislative proceedings happening every day in India it is a must book to read. I have ordered old edition Open Preview See a Problem? Introduction to the Constitution of India Telugu Translation.


Cross-posted from here Introduction to the Constitution of India is a fantastic book on the subject of Indian Constitution and presents a wonderful commentary on the same.

Review originally posted in Abby’s Shelves Introduction to the Constitution of India is probably the most authoritative text one could come across on this subject. It’s more like a bare Constitution.


What’s more astonishing about the book is that unlike many other academic book I bought the book considering that it will just revisit all the articles, schedules and provisions contained in the Indian constitution.

Writs and Other Constitutional Remedies. The Power of Raisina Hill: Introduction to the Constitution of India Hindi Translation. Trivia About Introduction To T Indian constitution is consittution largest written constitution of the world and it is difficult to read and understand everything. I read this as part of introruction course in college.

Introduction to the Constitution of India Telugu Translation. DD Basu in the form of a workbook, supplementing his classic work with additional information. Art 19 to Want consitution Read saving….


Basu’s book is by far the best work on constitution I’ve come across. I am an engineer and to understand the legal terms is a tedious job, but this book with its set of examples makes it easier constitutio understand the Constitution.

Rishy Nick 20 Nov, Constitutionalism and Constitutional Pluralism. It should be read by every citizen of the country to know the Constitution which is the basis of the laws of the land.

Commentary on the Constitution of India; Vol Sep 06, Gaurav rated it really liked it. After a detailed study of various provisions, judicial case studies that defined several of these provisions, the author evaluates its performance to identify certain vulnerabilities that have limited even the checks and balances system of the qn.

The language is simply beautiful which is least expected from an Indian academic author at university level. You have to read the Constitution in order to understand its importance and significance for the nation and its people.