by Ammon Hennacy. CATHOLIC WORKER BOOKS1. Chrystie Street, New York 2, N.Y.. 1This publication is a transcription of the printing. Please . Ammon Hennacy was inviting as many as 40 transients a night to sleep there, offering his house as the only homeless shelter in Salt Lake City. Author:Ammon Hennacy ←Author Index: He, Ammon Hennacy The Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist (); Book of Ammon (

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The good people don’t need them, and the bad people don’t obey them. Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors.

The “One-Man Revolution” of Ammon Hennacy

West Temple as a bathroom. When the government instituted paycheck withholding, Hennacy quit his job and began working as a bennacy worker, being paid daily and usually in cash, in order to stay out of the grip of the tax collector:. He led annual protests on the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.

The New York Call. Unfortunately, many of these diamonds are buried under the weight of more than five hundred pages of discursive ramblings. After being sentenced to death, Ammon Hennacy and other anti-capital punishment advocates successfully got a stay for Garcia. Utah now has the strictest drunken driving limit in the nation.

He was booted out and the city arranged for the sale of his house. Salt Lakers are No.

Ammon Hennacy – Wikiquote

Do you pay your income tax because you are afraid of the sacrifice that trust in God and opposition to the state may involve? He disapproved of cities and felt that decentralization and family farms were part of the solution to what ails the world.


He lived a hennxcy of voluntary simplicity and believed in what he called his “One-Man Revolution” against violence, sin, and coercion. Or that any good can come from returning evil for evil? But he was there for just over a year before complaints from neighbors prompted the city to take the house and sell it in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist 4 ratings. InHennacy fasted for 40 days in protest of nuclear weapons testing. The Book of Ammon. If you want a better world you will not get it by trying to make men out of Congressmen through writing them letters, by voting for any politician since they all believe in war, or by expecting very much of a World Government composed of these same ignoble politicians.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. Hennacy continued his activism.

The Joe Hill House had filled a gap in services for the homeless. Do you trust our politicians to protect us from destruction in an atomic war? He was a partisan for the traditionalist Hopi and derided those who compromised with the U.

Why Mormon church disciplinary councils? Legal Notices Obituaries Jobs.

The “One-Man Revolution” of Ammon Hennacy • TPL

This was terrible for we all knew that everyone but the Baptists were going there, so to believe there was no hell upset all the countryside theology. Therefore one who has love, courage and wisdom is one in a million who moves the world, as with Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi. In the same year he left the Roman Catholic Church, though he continued to call himself a “non-church Christian”. Following a divorce from Selma inHennacy married his second wife, Joan Thomas, in Ammon Hennacy led the march to the Cathedral of the Madeleine as a stand against the local diocese’s support of the war.


Hennacy had been showing up in newspapers across the country as a death penalty opponent and a conscientious objector who had spent nearly two years in a federal prison for refusing to register for the draft in World War I. A Revolution of the Heart: While in Arizona, he wrote for a newspaper published by The Catholic Worker, a group of left wing Catholic activists who had started homeless shelters in New York City and around the country.

Schumacher, my tax man, came up and handed me a card which read:. He was in and out of jail dozens of times after his federal prison sentence, typically for protests, such as picketing against mandatory air raid drills in New York. A Tax Resistance Reader. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. FrancisGeorge FoxTolstoy and Gandhi.