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The privately owned Alwatan is favoured and read more than other newspapers followed by Oman. Outline Index Category Portal. The differences between the mean scores in these two forms of writings were significant at.

The free weekly tabloids are published both in English and in Arabic.

Age, education and income correlated positively with time spent reading newspapers. The Audience Dialogue website defines readership as “the number of readers of a newspaper, magazine, etc which can only be assessed by a survey” Audience Dialogue, 26th June Because it is the capital, Omanis from different regions come to Muscat for work and for study, and a great almassaee of them make it a second place of residency.

She conducted her study on a stratified sample totaling female subjects. Fixed and mobile phones and the internet were ranked fifth and seventh, respectively. Many newspapers in Oman have also undergone layout changes. Alshabibaprivate was perceived as a sensational newspaper. For the purposes of this study, these ways are not discussed in detail, but their general principles are used to outline how readership is operationally defined and measured.

Omanis account for Newspapers in Morocco are primarily published in Arabic jlurnal Frenchand to a lesser extent in BerberEnglishand Spanish.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: The results also indicated statistically significant and positive correlations between reading certain forms of journalistic writings ojurnal satisfaction with newspapers’ coverage of certain topics.


In this study, the question of readership is examined by a set of questions aiming at finding out:.

The differences in respondents’ mean scores for these topics are statistically significant. Newspapers design and layout refers to colors, fonts, spaces and arrangements and presentation of the editorial and non-editorial content in the pages of the newspaper. List of newspapers in Africa.

Some newspapers in Omanespecially the new private ones that are not part of an existing cartel are also vulnerable, Azzaman is an example. However, the study lacks robust statistical and theoretical analyses. So the frequency of reading certain journalistic writings can be taken as an indicator of readers’ satisfaction with certain topics. Reading opinion and analysis, daily columns and investigative reporting correlated with readers’ satisfaction with the coverage of topics relating to opinion and analysis.

Views Read Edit View history. Respondents’ reading frequency of nine types or almasssae of journalistic writing was correlated with their satisfaction with a newspaper’s coverage of different corresponding topics. This was explained by the changes in the typographic, design, layout and physical appearance that Alshabiba made about three joutnal ago.

From the circulation perspective, the World Association of Newspapers published in June a report revealing that newspaper circulation worldwide rose by 2. Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Somaliland.

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Views Read Edit View history. The main purposes of this study are to explore audience reading habits of newspapers and readers’ attitudes towards the editorial content and layout characteristics of daily newspapers.

The results in Table 10 show that the younger age group years and youth years appeared to be more satisfied than other age groups with their favourite newspapers’ coverage of all topics except ads, where the differences were statistically insignificant. Sulaiman Saleh identified four challenges posed by new information technology to print jpurnal death of some newspapers, reduction in circulation, decrease in advertising revenue and emergence and popularity of electronic journalism.


List of newspapers in Morocco

Kuwait, for instance, has awarded 10 new licenses sincewhich led to a flood of new titles in and The results indicated that Irish, Norwegians and Finnish, respectively spend more than 40 minutes a day reading newspapers. Retrieved 28 April Alshabiba began as a sport magazine until it stopped in Table 8 shows ANOVA results on readers’ satisfaction level with the newspapers’ coverage of 13 topics. Arabs prefer reading the print version of their favorite newspapers to the electronic one.

However, readers’ image of Omani newspapers was examined through the subjects’ responses to six professional values and characteristics; censorship, credibility, responsibility, sensationalism, audacity and timeliness. The settlement of Omanis in Africa contributed to the establishment of newspapers in Zanzibar as early aswhen Alnajah success was established by Abu Muslim Al-Bahlani. The main reasons for starting Times of Oman were to publicise Oman abroad and to address non-Omanis in the country.

Reasons for preferring certain newspapers were writing style, habitual, accessibility to the paper, different views and in depth analysis, respectively. It was also found that office hours are the peak time for reading newspapers and magazines.

Their mean scores are higher than those of readers aged thirty one years old and above.