Aunque los pirules tienen efectos alelopáticos negativos sobre los cultivos, sus efectos sobre estas plantas nativas siguen siendo desconocidos. De hecho, la. vol número1 Alternancia de cultivos, su efecto sobre el suelo en zonas dedicadas a tabaco negro en · índice de autores · índice de materia búsqueda de . No Brasil, os estudos com alelopatia são, muitas vezes, restritos à influência de plantas cultivadas e invasoras sobre os cultivos, principalmente em manejo com .

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We specifically focused on 1 determining whether Peruvian peppertrees have the potential to reduce the germination and growth succulent plants from the Chihuahuan Desert, and 2 assessing whether male sn female individuals of this invasive tree have differential allelopathic effects on these species. Assim como neste trabalho, Correia et al.

Peppertrees were quickly incorporated into the Mexican culture because of their rapid growth to obtain raw materials and several ethnobotanical uses in traditional medicine Bye and Linares, ; Paredes-Flores et al. After their establishment, these invasive plants can prevent the recovery of native vegetation in several ways Levine et al. In this case, the seedlings of two cacti Echinocactus platyacanthus and Ferocactus latispinus and the two succulent monocots Agave salmiana and Yucca filifera displayed lower biomass on soils collected beneath male peppertrees than in the other soil types.

Teste de vigor em sementes. Nonparametric estimation from incomplete observations. Allelopathy in soils beneath peppertrees.

Alelopatía diferencial entre los géneros de un árbol invasor dioico sobre plantas de desierto

Biomass of Agave salmiana aoelopatia was lower on soils collected beneath peppertrees than in the control soil, but seedlings grown on soil collected beneath male individuals were smaller than those grown on soil collected beneath female trees Figure 3E. A study of mimosine toxicity in plants. Management of mycorrhizas in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.


The same procedure was used to collect control soil in five open areas without vegetation cover, always maintaining a minimum distance of 20 m from the canopy of any peppertree. Abstract The Peruvian peppertree Schinus molle is a dioecious culticos from South America that was introduced into central Mexico five centuries ago.

Alelopatia: el potencial de las plantas medicinales en el control de espécies espontáneas

On this issue, five of the six species used in these experiments displayed lower shoot emergence rates on slelopatia collected beneath male peppertrees. Allelopathic effects of plant aqueous extracts on germination, mycorrhization and Initial growth of corn, soybean and bean.

Nevertheless, in both cases, soil collected beneath male peppertrees had stronger negative effects than soil collected beneath female trees Figure 3A and 3B.

Alien plants usually colonize areas affected by human activities where native vegetation has been partially or completely removed Lozon and MacIsaac, ; Alston and Richardson, Nevertheless, the germination of this species was also inhibited by the other peppertree extracts, as compared to control seeds Figure 1D. The objective of this study was to evaluate the allelopathic effects of aqueous extracts of pine Pinus sp.

For this we conducted a series of germination bioassays where seeds of native species were watered with aqueous extracts of staminate flowers and leaves produced by male peppertrees, and with aqueous extracts of fruits and leaves produced by female peppertrees.

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2: Mean annual temperature in this site culivos Nevertheless, for these two cacti, extracts obtained from all other peppertree organs also led to lower germination rates than those estimated for control seeds Figure 1. Alelopatia em cultivos de cobertura vegetal sobre plantas infestantes. Santa Cruz do Sul, All plant extracts reduced mycorrhization and the number of spores of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on soybean, maize culyivos common bean.


In Ferocactus latispinus Figure 1B and Myrtillocactus geometrizans Figure 1Cthe concentrated and diluted extracts of staminate flowers also reduced germination rates in higher magnitudes than the other treatments. Therefore, the allelopathic effects of peppertrees on Mexican succulent plants remain unknown, as well as the differential effects that male and female trees may have on these species.

Influencia de la alelopatía en los cultivos [1998]

Allelopathic potencial of Eucaliptus cultlvos. The application of VA mycorrhizae to ecosystem restoration and reclamation. Anthriscus caucalis Apiaceae decreases diversity, evenness, and survival of native herbs in the Chilean matorral. In these bioassays, seeds of native species were watered with aqueous extracts obtained from staminate flowers and leaves produced by male individuals, and with aqueous extracts obtained from fruits and leaves produced by female trees.

These results then suggest that male peppertrees would be more aggressive than female individuals for inhibiting the establishment of succulent plants that are colonizing abandoned agricultural fields of Mexico.

In all cases, germination was assumed when the emergence of the radicle was observed. The density of adult peppertrees in this site is Discussion The in vitro germination bioassays clearly indicated that Peruvian peppertrees contain cultivoos metabolites that negatively affect the germination of succulent plants from the Chihuahuan desert.