In questo romanzo Alberto Moravia tratta ancora una volta il tema difficile dei rapporti matrimoniali. Ma L’amore coniugale raccontava la storia di un tradimento ;. Buy Il disprezzo by Alberto Moravia from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. GODARD’S CONTEMPT: ALBERTO MORAVIA TRANSFORMED. Andrew Horton. Jean-Luc Godard has said of Alberto Moravia’s novel // Disprezzo (A. Ghost at.

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Is it a misunderstanding? Thanks for telling us about the problem. May be it is the translator’s fault, but I do not want to read the same phrase four times in a single paragraph.

Il disprezzo by Alberto Moravia (2 star ratings)

Thank goodness this book wasn’t more than pages. Ayn Rand’s writing is probably the only thing that I have read and found more annoying than Contempt.

Regaining his equilibrium, he returns to the villa to discover that she has been killed in an accident in Battista’s car. He was also a journalist, playwright, essayist and film critic.

Told with a profound sense of melancholy, the narrative possesses both an unpleasant behind-closed-doors feel, mixed with tragedy and farce. The setting, particularly the scenes at the Casa Malaparte, is next to perfect for this movie. And here lies a story about a man who is blinded by his indifference to the world.

First, Emilia catches Riccardo kissing the secretary, a lapse he shrugs off as meaningless. I considered looking it up but the thought of what type of things may come up and how long it would take to go through it all convinced me not to.

It’s difficult because while I A telling novel of a marriage gone horribly wrong, of lines of communication closed and the inability to reconnect. One of the greats among the greats. Not just that the thoughts are repeated, they are expressed in the same manner, using the same words over and over again. An insistent urge to analyze every tiny bit, every deviation from consistency or every possible deviation from consistency. He meets a producer who is his promise to a better future, but when the producer begins to make subtle and and then overt advances towards his wife, he is caught in doubt about how he must react.


After reading The Empty Canvas this summer, the book hat left me thinking about it for weeks, I was hooked on Alberto Moravia. I’m glad I read this quickly though- I think if I had read it in bits and pieces, slowly, a foul taste for Molteni and his plight would have developed in my mouth, one of those unbrushable tastes, the kind you can’t mpravia or tongue scrape away.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The first quarter of the book is simply awful.

View all 3 comments. View all 5 comments. One of the issues that play a major role in the novel, is the relationship between success and money, and the real needs and wishes mpravia people; the moravja are forced to do things that are in contrast with what they really want in order to make a living, or to satisfy the vain dreams of their partners, or to albetro perceived as successful and dynamic in a capitalist society.

This moral image, as many call it, also had an influence on the physical image, I saw myself as a young man whose thinness, short sight, nervousness, pallor and carelessness in dress all bore witness, in anticipation of the literary glory for which I was destined.

His beautiful wife Emilia, coming from an impoverished family, dreams on the other hand of living in their own house and of creating a comfortable nest for them, something much better than the rented room in which the financially struggling couple lives.


Does anyone see this a bit disturbing? Between and Moravia was president of PEN International, the worldwide association of writers. At first I was irritated by mlravia narrator Ricardo, I doubted his regard for his wife and found it difficult to identify or sympathize with his total self involvement and lack of awareness, no matter how he tried to justify his position.

Il disprezzo

As he has a two-seater car, he takes Emilia, leaving Riccardo to follow by taxi. And it is also known that at the time he published Contempt, his own marriage with novelist Elsa Morante was in a crisis that ended in divorce a few years later.

And like “Contempt” very rare! Cavaroc rated it it was ok Aug 28, Now bring in a director who incessantly analyzes Ulysses from Odysseyrepeat the phrases from the previous part whenever the director shuts up and that’s another pages. Moravia had also a house on Capri similar as the one owned by Battista in the novel, where the final crisis takes place the Godard movie was shot partly at the Casa Malaparte, another rather famous villa on Capri.

I am very impressed moarvia Moravia, and I look forward to reading much more of him.

Can be read as a simple and easy exercise to understand different kind of people and their thinking habits.