Sep 24, comics blogger Tim Callahan has dedicated the next twelve months more than a year to a reread of all of the major Alan Moore comics. Oct 8, comics blogger Tim Callahan has dedicated the next twelve months more than a year to a reread of all of the major Alan Moore comics. Jul 28, The Paperback of the Promethea, Volume 1 by Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III, Mick Gray | at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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This is one of the best books I’ve read this year, graphic novel or no. It rejects dogma and instead approaches magic as a form of manipulating archetypes which act on us subconsciously. Williams art is excellent. Buffy was a heroine because she fought for herself too.

Comics You Should Be ReadingAlan Moore’s Promethea – PopOptiq

My favorite parts of this book and the second are the odd little details of the wold a too-futuristic near-future New Yorklike the Weeping Gorilla and the Five Swell Guys. Some amazon review starts out with “it’s nothing new” or some thing like that.

The failure of the initial strike leads to plans for a much larger attack, and in a race against time Sophie must learn both the history of her predecessors as well as enough about her new self to enable herself to survive the forthcoming brouhaha.

They are now in the process of being re-collected in DC’s “Absolute” format: Yet Promethea as a concept IS all women, a force of myth to be reckoned with, and there’s no doubt as to her power and influence.

Obviously, the name’s a feminine version of Prometheus, which means “forethought” Promethea, Book 2 Alan Moore. Top 10 Richest American Idols. One entire chapter in this volume is given over to an exploration of humanity’s history through the metaphor of a modified tarot deck, as told by the snakes on Promethea’s caduceus, Mike and Mack Micro and Macro – who speak in rhyming quatrains of iambic pentameter, flawlessly, each keeping his recognizable viewpoint towards either the big picture or the minutiae.

I’ve read a lot of Alan Moore, but I hadn’t gotten to this one yet, and when I finally read it I was taken by surprise.


The main character for twenty years in a serial comic strip in the early twentieth century They are behind the rock promsthea venue where The Limp is playing with appropriate lyrics. Cry and make a joke in the same breath.

Surviving the encounter, Sophie soon finds herself transformed into Promethea, the living embodiment of the imagination. Promethea, Book 5 Alan Moore. Apr 12, Wayong rated it it was ok. Sophie Bangs was a just an ordinary college promethra in a weirdly futuristic New York when a simple assignment changed her life forever.

Tarot Hermeneutics

I love it when they meet Weeping Gorilla and it’s just like when I’d play Thom Yorke’s music and feel sorry for myself because I was letting myself flunk out of school again.

Trivia About Promethea, Vol.

Promethea was one of the initial batch of ABC titles, and remains my favorite. Get a job, get a car, all the stuff Alice Cooper can’t do because he has no shoes and he can’t go to school. The 32 issue series was originally collected in five mlore collections and later softcover as well. Her trials have only begun as she must master the secrets of her predecessors before she is destroyed by Promethea’s ancient enemy.

As prometheea hide from the pursuing Smee, the weakened and fatally injured Barbara instructs Sophie to write a poem about Promethea hoping Sophie is indeed the successor and the creative expression is a way prometeha get Sophie in the correct state of mind to allow herself to become Promethea. I never really craved that kind of female friendship anyway, what is it to anyone else how many guys their girl pals screw, anyway?

Promethea – Wikipedia

In other projects Wikiquote. Not a colour out of place or a t not crossed. The dressing up by others female super hero outfit look. The supposedly more visually mindbending scenes in the Immateria are your basic binder-margin hodgepodge of fairies, toadstools, and chimeric assemblages of bodyparts. During the course of her research, she manages to slan down, unbeknownst to her, the mokre recent Promethea, now in semi-retirement, and unwittingly stirs the interest of an old enemy of Promethea’s, who decides to launch a pre-emptive strike against Sophie out of fear she moire become the next Promethea–which, indeed, she does.


I wish there had been more longing in her visions than needing her ass saved. Imagination’s blaze in Mankind’s dark And you especially don’t want folklore to come looking for you. I really enjoyed this.

An illustrator who created a series of covers for pulp magazine fantasy stories about Promethea, which were written by several writers under the pseudonym “Marto Neptura”.

During her passage in the afterlife, Barbara meets her guardian angel Boo-Boo Barbara’s old nickname who is in fact the younger, beautiful and independent young woman she used to be. The artwork comes courtesy of J. I looked at what else was going on.

Open Preview See a Problem? The Stories of Alan Moore. In which a chain-smoking Little Red Riding Hood sports a machine gun. There is something of misdirection to this advice, not only because it is too late for Sophie, who is going to become the new “host” for Promethea, but also because ultimately Moore is not really writing about folklore here but about the female super hero.

Promethea, Vol. 1

Rather, the backstory seems to alleviate or absolve confusing points that arise later in the narrative, and augments the pace at which a reader can digest the tale. Lists with This Book. This qlan book is just a far Disappointing. The controversial storyline [3] involved Promethea assisting various superheroes in fighting a villain called the Queen promrthea Fables. Don’t read Dark Knight Returns! Williams III, and Mick Gray Wildstorm In the third volume of this award-winning series, pomethea only get worse for the college co-ed Sophie Bangs Promethea as she and Barbara, the last woman to hold the title of Promethea, embark on a spiritual and cosmic journey through the many different realms of Heaven and Hell.

Jan 14, Brian Moriarty rated it really liked it. The illustrations give the work a gravity so powerful that I couldn’t imagine another artist doing justice to the heady concepts explored here. I also enjoyed comparing that time to now.