The Ahiara Declaration. By Emeka Ojukwu. Markpress, Geneva, (for the. Government of Biafra), No price. These three books are General Ojukwu’s own. The Ahiara Declaration and Ndigbo. “Today, Monday January 16, in Ahiara, Imo State, we are commemorating an epochal event that. Ahiara Declaration was all about doctrines, philosophy, teachings and preachments about what a good government should be and do for the.

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One of the corner-stones of the Biafran Revolution is Social Justice. With her success in Egypt and Declaratiion, Russia developed even keener appetite for more territory declarayion Africa, particularly the areas occupied by the Negroes. No matter the odds, we will fight with all our might until black men everywhere can, with pride, point to this Republic, standing dignified and defiant, as an example of African nationalism triumphant over its many and age-old enemies.

For their part in this effort, Biafrans were stigmatised and singled out for extermination. This happens in many countries and it is one of the duties of our Revolution to prevent its occurrence in Biafra. In the Ikot Ekpene, Azumini and Aba sectors of the war, the vandals, whilst maintaining their positions in Ikot Ekpene and Aba with our troops surrounding them, have continued to suffer heavy casualties in their attempt to hold firmly on to Azumini. Odumegwu Ojukwu rallied Ndigbo behind a common cause — the struggle for their survival in dignity and security as an ethnic group.

Ahiara Declaration. Biafra

They have been accused of corruption, bribery and inefficiency. At Independence inwhat our founding fathers settled for was a full-blown Federal Structure, with three Regions, East-North-West as the federating units of our nation.

That the Igbo take it upon us, from this very blessed and memorable day, to champion for Igbo presidency in Nigeria come My name is Emeka. They committed genocide against the native Tasmanians and the Maoris of New Zealand. Our Revolution, therefore, aims at involving the citizen in the process of justice so that he will participate actively in the protection of his life and liberties and in the defence of the integrity, stability, and moral health of the nation.

Here, as in all other spheres of our Revolution, the answer must come from within, from ourselves. That, this time, as a nation united unto eternity, we must speak with a voice to the rest of Nigerians of the need, justice and inevitability of accepting and having an Igbo presidency come The increasing display of unity by South East Governors and other well-meaning Igbo sons and daughters in pursuit of a common political and economic agenda is a welcome step in this direction.


They are in remote villages and towns nationwide. It was an issue that could make or break Nigeria if the three Regions chose to go their separate ways to Independence.

Therefore, the Biafran State must not apportion special privileges or favours to some citizens and deny them to others. In this he should be able to count on the support of his fellow citizens. In revolutionary Biafra there will be an executive leader elected by the people with full powers to choose his lieutenants.

Politics and government Nigeria. I think of that public servant in the Ministry of Lands who allocates State land to himself, his wife and his friends. They justified this trade in men by reference to biblical passages violently torn out of context.

Today, I am happy and proud to report that, all the odds notwithstanding, the enemy, at great cost in lives and equipment, is nowhere near to his avowed objective. In cost, probably twice what the Nigerian air raids have cost us in military equipment and installations. Recently this has been the case with the reported disappearance of some white oil technicians in the Republic of Benin.

Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Find more information about: You may send this item to up to five recipients. Part of his role as a leader is to keep the revolutionary spirit alive, to be a friend of the People and protector of their Revolution.

Fellow Biafrans, that was in the white world. Later they derived the Negro from the accursed progeny of Ham. Nigeria was made up of peoples and groups with very little in common. This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat This is why we in Biafra are convinced that the Negro can never come to his own until he is able to build modern states whether national or multi-national based on a compelling African ideology, enjoying real rather than sham independence, able to give scope to the full development of the human spirit in the arts and sciences, able to engage in dialogue with the white states on a basis of transparent equality and able to introduce a new dimension into international statecraft.

This brutal and unprecedented rape of a whole continent was a violent challenge to Negro self-respect.

Nigeria: Ojukwu, ‘Ahiara Declaration’ and Biafra

Below is the speech: Benson, the then Igbo leadership forged a political alliance which cut across ethnic boundaries.

Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica. I stand before you tonight not to launch the Biafran Revolution, because it is already in existence. The present war has decladation opened our eyes to what we can do by relying on our own resources in material and men. On that fateful day two years ago, you ahiqra me to do everything within my power to avert the dangers that loomed ahead, the threat of extermination. Nigeria persecuted and slaughtered her minorities; Nigerian justice was a farce; her elections, her census, her politics – her everything – was corrupt.


But we were prepared and remain ahiqra to pay any price for our freedom and dignity.

Another economic goal of the Biafran Revolution is self-sufficiency in food production. It is quite clear that to attain the goals of the Biafran Revolution will require extensive political and civic education of our People. The ahiarw which agitated the so-called independent Nigeria from gave these aggressive proselytisers the chance to try converting us by force. A revolution is a forward movement. Our New Society is open and progressive. Then the late Ahmadu Bello, the Sarduana of Sokoto tried, by political and dsclaration blackmail and terrorism, to convert Biafrans settled in Northern Nigeria to Islam.

We accuse Nigerians of inordinate love of money, ostentatious living and irresponsibility, but here, even while we are engaged in a war of national survival, even while the very life of our nation hangs in the balance, we see some public servants who throw huge parties to entertain their friends; who kill cows to christen ahhiara babies.

Citations are based on reference standards. These myths explain the stand of many of the world governments and organisations on our present struggle. The attainment of this objective will restore the confidence of the Igbo nation, severely bruised by the civil war and its debilitating aftermath, both in itself as a people and in the Nigeria project, where it once held an indisputable pride of place.

We shall aim at elevating our cultural institutions and promoting educational reforms which will foster a sense of national and racial pride among our People and discourage ideas which inspire a feeling of inferiority and dependence on foreigners and foreign interests.

Her independence was and is a lie. It is unthinkable that after the war we shall return to the old system of selling our primary products to someone in Europe at his own price so that he can turn them into manufactured goods and sell back to us, again at his own price.