Red April (Abril rojo) is the English translation from Spanish of a whodunit novel by Santiago Roncagliolo, published in and was awarded the Alfaguara. “Abril Rojo” by Santiago Roncagliolo. Premio Alfaguara de Novela ed. Alfaguara, Spain. Review by Victoria. I read this book as my contribution to Global Reading Challenge (South America) Roncagliolo, S. Abril Rojo () Santillana Ediciones.

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It was not until about when most of this internal conflict resolved, but this was achieved by the Grupo Colina, which was a death squad made up of members of the Peruvian Armed Forces. I had this middle-class, white, urban, university-boy philosophy in my mind. This place is condemned to be bathed in blood roncaagliolo fire forever, Chacaltana.

The author deservedly won the prestigious Alfaguara prize for Spanish literature with this debut novel and is the youngest ever winner, two notable achievements. Do you know what that’s like? And possible Marxist uprisings from peasants!

Topics Mentioning This Author. I hope I can transmit the same fervour to you now having read it. And then the indigenous rebellions, because Ayacucho was the midway point between Cuzco, the Inca capital, and Lima, the capital of the Spaniards. Until now, any death had gone directly to Military Justice, for reasons of security.

Santiago Roncagliolo

Non-“core SF” recs for a hypothetical Hugo Awards Not only do they stand in sharp contrast to notes the killer s seem to make after each murder, they reflect both his desire to follow bureaucratic procedures and his own touch of ineptitude. Abril Rojo Santillana Ediciones. That was my first Chacaltana moment. Who is the serial killer, why are the victims chosen, and why are they murdered in the manner they are?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His literal interpretations and plodding nature were highly irritating to me as a reader, but at the same time were intriguing and distinguished the story. He requested the transfer: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


It had nothing to do with what was really important. Who is writing the misspelled letters and the ‘Senderista’ notes? This is a tense, political thriller set during Holy Week that Roncagliolo used his own country’s recent war with the Shining Path guerrillas as material.

One may also note the desperation of certain mothers upon the disappearance of their sons.

Red April – Wikipedia

Zbril has a lot of gratuitous gore; not disturbing, actually; it reads like the screenplay of a cheap Hollywood zombie film. See, reviews can lad you to a rewarding read. The bumbling bureaucrat Chacaltana felt exaggerated, albeit Roncagliolo has commented that the portratal is actually autobiographical: He meets a young woman working as a waitress in a nearby restaurant and they hit it off. He looked to one side.

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Abril rojo

The Associate District Prosecutor did everything to the letter of the law, including sending rapists to prison; however this made him an outcast, even the rape victims got angry that they were unable to marry their attackers and get their reputation intact.

Please help improve this article by adding roncafliolo to reliable sources. Abril rojo — Santiago Roncagliolo. Forget your “”, this is as they say in the Old World, ‘the dog’s bollocks’. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Refresh and try again.

Sendero have been beaten, but the violence lurks everywhere, threatening to break out again like a prairie wildfire. And independence in Quinua cf. You are commenting using your WordPress. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Roncagliolo’s writing has the reader totally engrossed and fully involved in the story and the place.

Red April (Abril rojo) – Santiago Roncagliolo – A Crime is Afoot

One ought to rouo reminded that the novel can be understood as a place where different facts are given expression, on one hand as a faithful rendition as they took place, or by use of fiction on the other. The story takes place between March 9 and May 3,some seven and a half years after the Shining Path’s leader was captured and the organization fell into decline.


It speaks poorly of a novel when its last pages are devoted to the perpetrator explaining in detail what he did and why Thus, he reports that the 1, residents of a village can’t remember where the individual who found the burned body was because they were as drunk as he during a three-day festival.

This is the Third World depicted in all its corrupt, feckless venality and it’s no surprise it’s where a revolutionary ideology sought to sweep everything away and revive the soul of its ground-down people.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The novel blends both a political perspective on the bloody war between the Sendero Luminoso insurgents and the Peruvian authorities’ counterinsurgency forces, an atmospheric murder mystery and a wider perspective on how violence ultimately corrupts and breeds more violence. Roncagliolo lends it all an air of authenticity by not only describing tactics used by both sides but taking some of the dialogue from actual contemporary documents.

Officially the insurgency is over – and when he comes initially to suspect that the terrorists are back, he encounters strong opposition to his investigation from the local police and representatives of the military, opposition that initially largely takes the form of simply ignoring him. As a reward Felix Chacaltana Saldivar is sent to a remote village to monitor the presidential elections where the nonexistent terrorist group still operates.

roncaglillo Nonetheless, the after-effects of this clash are evident in the novel as is discussed. The Valleys of the Assassins: Series by Santiago Roncagliolo. Este es un libro sobre un lugar atrapado en un ciclo de violencia.

The brutality of the crime suggests the possible implication of the terrorist group Shinning Path.