Every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this manual. Never- . 3G3JV,AB to 3G3JV,AB ( to kW) Single,phase ,VAC. Input. View and Download OMRON 3G3JV manual online. Simple Speed Control Compact Inverters with Easy-to-use Functions. 3G3JV Inverter pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for OMRON SYSDRIVE 3G3JV. We have 4 OMRON SYSDRIVE 3G3JV manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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Data Data example 3g3jb Slave address Selecting The Reverse Rotation-prohibit Three Inverters with Slave addresses from 01 to 03 are installed for communications.

Frequency Detection Function Remove this cover when wiring the upper terminal block. Refer to this chapter to use the various advanced functions, such as stall prevention, carrier frequency setting, overtorque detection, torque compensation, and slip com- pensation. Error History n78 Page 2 DIN track.


An emergency stop alarm is input to a multi-function input. ON Multi-function input terminal 2 S3 1: Separately Mounted Option Name If the response is not returned within this period, the response will be re-transmitted. Chapter 8 Maintenance Operations 2. Startup DC Injection Braking: The fan rotates while the Inverter 3g3jb turned on.

OMRON 3G3JV MANUAL Pdf Download.

Milner Avenue Toronto, Ontario M The standard rated current of the maximum applicable motor is the default rated motor cur- rent. Default setting 12 to 15 Serial communications mode The frequency on hold for 5 s or more is retailed. Chapter 7 Communications Message The label name of the response. Chapter 9 Specifications Protec- Motor protection Protection by electronic thermal tive func- Instantaneous overcurrent Stops at approx.


Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Other Functions The following description provides information on the other functions and parameter set- tings of the Inverter. Connect the AC Reactor to the Inverter if the capacity of the power supply is much larger than that of the Inverter. Actual Load Operation If the jump function is used, the output frequency stays within the jump frequency range. Wiring and Connection Connect to the power supply and peripheral devices.

The settings of parameters described here will be sufficient for simple Inverter opera- tions. Each DSR message or response is divided into 8-bit blocks.

Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3JV Manuals

Warning Detection nonfatal Error This value Value Description will be stored in memory even if power is interrupted. Selecting The Operation Command Chapter 5 Basic Operation Selecting the Operation Command The following description provides information on how to input operation commands to start or stop the Inverter or change the direction of rotation of the Inverter.

Frequency Jump Function n49 To N51 Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Torque Compensation Function This function increases the output torque of the Inverter by detecting an increase in the motor load. Male Code Pin No. Buyer indemnifies Omron against all related costs or expenses.


Operation Command Selection n02 In order to use the inching frequency command, one of the n36 mznual n39 parameters for multi-function input must be set to 10 as an inching frequency command. Names Of Parts Chapter 7 Communications Note It is recommended that the number be set to 3 or larger.

Make sure that these protective covers are on the product before use. Revision History Revision History A manual manuxl code appears as a suffix to the catalog number on the front cover of the manual.

Follow the instructions below to remove the covers from the Inverter. Specifications subject to change without notice. Values will be set in 0. D Countermeasures against Induction Noise As described previously, a Noise Filter can be used to prevent induction noise from being generated on the output side.

Wiring Around The Main Circuit Be sure to follow the instructions given there. Enter text from picture: