2SD datasheet, 2SD circuit, 2SD data sheet: SANYO – Low- Frequency Power Amp, Electronic Governor Applications,alldatasheet, datasheet. 2SD Rev.E Mar DATA SHEET 1 / 6. TOLM 塑封封装NPN 半导体三极管。Silicon NPN transistor in a TOLM Plastic. Characteristics of the 2SD bipolar transistor. Type – n-p-n; Collector-Emitter Voltage: 25 V; Collector-Base Voltage: 25 V; Emitter-Base Voltage: 5 V; Collector .

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Check a few traces in last pic. Thanks for the E nlightenment! Since none of the components were the same as stock I decided to follow the EW’s advice in this thread and go with On Semi replacements.


BinkmanSep 8, Because of this discussion I’ve noticed more issues. Thinking of buying some extras, too. Lastly, can someone enlighten me as to the meaning of the E in brackets in the schematic. It’s tricky to set the bias up on the I use Chem-Wik to desolder and an industrial grade solder made by AIM for surface mount applications.


2SD Datasheet pdf – Low-Frequency Power Amp, Electronic Governor Applications – SANYO

Now that I’ve started I found one channel must have failed because there were a lot of replacement components. 2sd40 you already have an account?

Your name or email address: I posted this same question on Diyaudio and and received good advice from there as well. That transisotr a little RS flux.

Google returned Talon electronics as a source. BinkmanSep 6, Are the clamps available anywhere? If it looks good on the boards probably 2ds400 to fix maybe but if it’s pretty burned out or looks like it came out of a flood?

Was advised to replace the trimmer pot VR Discussion in ‘ Solid State ‘ started by mikte15Sep 5, The replacement is not a TO package and there is no stock mounting clip like the other channel right. Traneistor this point what would you do?

Glen, The ZTX looks like a very good match. Thanks Glen, I will check out your recommendation. Leave the transistor that’s there?

Hopefully, this post will aid others who wish to restore this model. I know it’s hard to determine good solder on a pic with lighting and all. No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: CCW but I can wire in a cw transishor v pot in reverse. Share This Page Tweet. I couldn’t find any.


The replacement is a TCG BinkmanSep 5, Log in or Sign up. Surprisingly they also the 2sd for 45 cents. I’m in the process of rehabbing this Realistic I’ve had for a couple of years. Good once over visual before you repack it.

2SD Datasheet(PDF) – Sanyo Semicon Device

There must have been a lot of those lying around. The repairing tech used a TCG tranistor replace the 2sd on the heat sink.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I played it a satasheet after I bought it but it sounded a bit off so I stowed it away until I was ready to do a full recap.