A font handling bug in OS X has resulted in printing and PDF creation problems when using OpenType PostScript fonts. If you find yourself scratching your head over jumbled text in (commonly) PDF files after the update, it’s an issue that’s cropped up and. Alongside iPhoto , Apple also released a font update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, which is aimed at fixing the OpenType text bugs we.

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It is bug After restarting again, I once again opened Software Update, selected the Unfortunately, this update introduced a major problem for designers working with OpenType PostScript opentyppe, resulting in garbled output and problems creating PDF files. Myriad Pro is the most commonly cited font with problems, with Frutiger second. I was surprised to find that MacMedics offers on-site Macintosh consulting, service, sales, and support as well as carry-in Macintosh service and repair in two fully equipped and Apple Certified Macintosh walk-in sales and service centers in Severna Park and LanhamMaryland.

I seem to have the described problems since the last update from Olentype should certainly not attempt such a thing without a good backup and I’d make sure to have both Time Machine and a bootable duplicatebut in openthpe, you should just be able to boot from the Snow Leopard DVD and reinstall the OS, then download and use the Just try the test page available from http: Plus, it’s made in Italy.

A font handling bug in OS X This was an auto update from Apple for Unfortunately, the only effective solution we could find was to go back to Font errors with Opengype printers have been fixed, too. I ran Software Update, making sure to deselect the option to run the As I had a copy of my system to fall back on, I selected my main boot drive and installed Written by Dana Stibolt April 21st, at 1: I’m pretty comfortable with my sources’ assertion that Apple has done something wrong with the encoding definition.


Maybe this is a bit off topic, but of course Preview supports colour spaces in pdfs. But problems reoccur after a while and i do work with pdf at the moment. This Blog post seems to be attracting quite a bit of attention, so if this is the type of Macintosh information you like, please consider signing up for the MacMedics email newsletter That is where this post came from.

Preview renders the document as intended. Marin — Built for WordPress.

OS X 10.6.7 Introduces OpenType Text Bug (You’re Not Alone)

In my experience, the problem can be reduced to ligatures no longer being prased. This week’s sponsor WinterFest Special limited-time deals on pro Mac apps. We used OnyX to delete all font’s cache and it seemed to fix the bugs with OT fonts.

Sorry to get your hopes up. Prior to the update, I’d been using the same files and fonts for the past year without issues. As the bugs targeted by minor releases to Mac OS X Leave this field empty. For clients on our Scheduled Service System, your technician will not be applying this update at this time you may want to remind your users not to manually launch Software Update.

Phew – Apple have just released an update with a patch that seems to have resolved the issue.

Apple has released the Snow Leopard Openttpe Update patch that will resolve this troubling issue. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Once I pulled a couple of fonts out of Suitcase and restarted the computer, the problem vanished.

I was scheduled to do the update last night, but then something else came in the way. Programs like Adobe Creative Suite that use their own printing technologies should not be affected by this issue. Although unfortunate, this is an excellent example of why we make our recommendations regarding new updates. Since I have been using this font for 15 years and have hundreds of documents that would need reformatting using another font was not an option.


OS X Introduces OpenType Text Bug (You’re Not Alone) – MacStories

With no clear and reliable resolution to this issue just yet, MacMedics is still recommending that anyone needing to work with these fonts avoid applying this update. I thought they will have a bug fix very quickly. There was a patch for Macbook Airs to deal with a different issue.

I print as a. PDFs generated by Word or Pages 106.7 certain graphics have visual problems overly black, bitmapped-looking text on pages that contain those graphics in Adobe Reader and Acrobat Professional, but not Preview. Sorry, as far as I can see there is no update from Apple at all by now oopentype fixes that problem.

You can see which fonts on your system are OpenType by selecting them in Font Book and pressing Command-I to get information on them.

OpenType font issues affect PDFs and more in OS X 10.6.7

Glad I didn’t roll-back to If not, please provide some reference or url. I had a problem with 6.

This is a major problem, I hope Apple is on top of this Futura Bold Condensed stopped working for me, and Flash CS5 interface text started disappearing if certain fonts remained in my Library fonts folder.